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Help Tips more goals / chances


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I am playing this tactic for 3 seasons now. The main problem I am dealing with is that I am not scoring much goals. It happens often I concede a goal in the last minute. In the reports I often get the comment that the striker is lonely. Sometimes I also get the comment my attacking midfielders are not dangerous and the wingers are not dangerous. Does someone have any tips for this tactic?






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That’s a great question. Can you post a screenshot of your main ST’s attributes - would like yo see what their strengths are.

Some ideas to score more goals:

  • If your ST is NOT dominant in the air (17-20 aerial + strength in the EPL), then change your WBs to IWBs - so they can be a better part of your build up play from the back.
  • Turn on ‘through balls’ instead of ‘run with ball’ - so your AP + IW can provide more key passes / through balls.
  • Maybe change passing to ‘mixed’ instead of short - sometimes I find it creates more chances!
  • OR change to a 4231, with an AP (in the AMC position) B2B (MRC) and whatever other role  you want (MLC) - better if you are a dominant team in the division.
  • OR you can test a strikerless tactic - which may create better chances - change the ST to an AMC (I love the AP) and change to 2 x IFs.

Conceding last minute goals requires a different group of changes 🙂 

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For my main strikers aerial is no option. They are both not strong. 

I’ve tried it with IWB but came in a bad flow so changed it back. Maybe I should give it 1 more try.

I will definitely try the other options, thank you.



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