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Challenges The Quickest 1000 Goal Challenge

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The 1000 Goal Challenge has been a Vibe staple for years with more people completing it than Fat Dave has had hot dinners today. In fact these days the bar has been raised and we have seen 2000+ goals scored in careers!

The original 1000 Goal Challenge can be found here.

This challenge adds a little twist to the 1kc as it’s all about how quickly you can get 1 player to 1000 career goals under your management and not necessarily how many total goals he gets in his career. The challenge ends when you player scores his 1000th goal and then your score is how many games you managed before he scored his 1000th goal. You can also do this challenge in conjunction with the 1000 goal challenge and carry on to see how many total goals he gets before retirement.



  • This challenge ends at the end of the game where your player scores his 1000th goal.
  • Your score is the number of games you managed up to and including his 1000th goal game . That includes any games his misses so if he scores 1000 goals in 500 games under you management you score 500 even if your player himself only played in 400 of those games. You will find the number of games you managed in the manager profile screen.
  • If your player retires before he gets 1000 goals the challenge is failed.
  • You can also go onto the 1000 goal challenge leaderboard whilst doing this challenge and the save can carry on to get as many goals as you can for that challenge.


Other Rules

  • You can manage any club in any league.
  • Player must be a real player and the challenge must start in season 1
  • No preferences/unlockables unless unlocked in the save.
  • No uses of text changes, save editor or IGE at all.
  • No cheating - Restarting to avoid injuries counts as cheating!!
  • International goals count, but only the ones scored in game and under your own management of that nation. So real life goals the player starts on don't count.
  • You have to earn international management, so you can not start with it.
  • A career can be posted but screenshots are needed as evidence.
  • If requested you must upload your save so we can check no cheating has taken place via the save editor, failure to do this will result in you being rejected from the leader board.  
  • Own formations only
  • SI databases only
  • No Myclub or created players



  • @Rob - Bayern - Haaland - 440 games


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