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Chat A.I. keeps using same annoying tactic!

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So I’ve recently noticed that in all 4 of my saves, the AI has resorted to using the same (and stupidly effective) tactic against me in pretty much every match. Here’s a screenshot of the opposition tactics from each of the next games for each save I have:


First save I’m at Newcastle, trying to turn them into title contenders - bought affordable player upgrades who usually play well in the top leagues. Formation I’m using is a 4-3-3, which works against pretty much every other formation.

This one is from a save I started where I holidayed for a year and then took charge of a promoted team (Merthyr). I’m using Miki33’s tactic, which went from winning easily with high scoring games, to be completely outplayed by even the worst-form teams in the VNS.

This is from my Barcelona save, where I’ve cleared out all the ageing/overpaid players and rebuilt the team with some of the best players in the game. Been mainly using Scratch’s TT Blaster (yes, I know it can be weak defensively, but doesn’t usually matter when you’re scoring 5+ a game). Again, this tactic then makes my world-class team look like a bunch of amateurs.

Now this one is the most annoying. This was a test save as Man City, buying the best players in the game using Rich Benefactor and part/ex for the best players in the game. I’m using 4-2-3-1 on here. I’ve replayed this match over and over and you’d think Edouard was Messi, given how stupidly well he seems to play ever single time (multiple times scoring a brace or hat trick) while my while team suddenly plays like England vs Hungary.

No matter what formation, team instructions or players I use in any of the above saves, that annoying formation just seems to be super-effective against me every single time.

I’m being realistic, I’m not expecting to win every single game every season, but when you know for a fact that no matter what you do against a certain tactic that it’s not going to make at difference, you lose the motivation to carry on playing it.

So if anyone has got a tactic that could work against it, I’d gladly try it out - cos this is either going to end with the game being uninstalled or a phone smashed against a wall 😂

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Yeah, I've run into that shape and I don't score as well against it. I have 1 up front and he struggles with 3 defenders and the DMC dropping back. so I take one of my midfielders and move him into the forward line as a PF (even if he is out of position, but obviously better if the midfielder has some aptitude for the forward line). That spreads the defnders a little and gives my main man more room and a better chance at scoring.

Of course that works for me with my tactic and my players, not sure it will work for everyone.

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