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Career Rob tries the ‘Quickest 1,000’ - Finished


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So I’ve been messing around recently trying to get a 1kc, DT, and TT tactic to work. I think I’ve got there on all three, so first off I want to get the 1kc done and dusted. I got it with Moukoko as part of another career, but I want this one as an out and out striker.

I also thought I’d have a go at @FuddledFox’s wonderful idea of a challenge:

This basically means I need to get there in as little games possible, so I wasn’t too hamstrung in picking a league with loads of games as it isn’t the quantity that matters, but rather the quality.

Or at least that’s what I tell my wife.

Anyway, I’m fairly sure one of the 3kc gang will nail this, but I want to give this a whirl and post a decent score for myself.

So with all that said, coupled with me wanting to testing how the tactic goes, I’ve unashamedly picked one of the best clubs in a farmers league and one of the top two young ‘already formed’ strikers in the game.

I will be heading to Bayern…


…to manage this lad:


Yep, I know. Bobby Lewandowski and £20m for the young Norwegian and the poor lad has to suffer another career under my tutelage after playing a part of Moukoko’s supporting cast.

Thank you for reading!

Edited by Rob
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7 minutes ago, FuddledFox said:

Less games to play in a season could be perfect for this challenge if it helps Haaland stay fit.

Good luck

Thanks. Haaland is a robust creature. 

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7 hours ago, Dai_ said:

He's a monster and I have no doubt you'll smash this!

Good luck!

Thank you Mr Dai. Just out of interest, are you attempting the 3kc?!?!

52 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

I think you’ll fail this. Good luck anyway.

Kind, as always. I’d love it if you like this in day to day life too. Just saying things to your mates like ‘oh, you got an A grade? That’s rubbish. It should have been A+’

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8 minutes ago, Rob said:

Just saying things to your mates like ‘oh, you got an A grade? That’s rubbish. It should have been A+’

Can’t happen. This treatment is specialised only for Rob and Scratch.

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8 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Can’t happen. This treatment is specialised only for Rob and Scratch.

I somehow now feel special.

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54 minutes ago, Superking said:

Best of luck 👍

Who is the quickest in 1k challenges?? 

Is who scored over 2k goals ?

Thanks. The lad starts aged 20 so my target is to get the 1kc done by aged 30. First season is done and dusted so will get that up soon. 

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1 hour ago, Rob said:

Thanks. The lad starts aged 20 so my target is to get the 1kc done by aged 30. First season is done and dusted so will get that up soon. 

100+ for sure I think 

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Season 01

Let’s start with transfers. I have done a LOT of testing with this, DT, and TT and know a fair few of the rascals that I like to sign.



A couple of players I’d like to mention:

- Pavon and Dilrosun. Vibe favourites; they’ve still got it;

- Elmas. Absolutely love this lad. Great value in my book;

- Timber. Versatile and turns out to be a proper player

We did well as a team, winning the lot.


And only suffered one loss all season. The team reached a goals per game of 3.74. 


Of the 54 games Haaland managed to play all 54. I tend to sub focal players around 85% condition or 60 minutes, whichever comes soonest. I have a completely unproven theory that most of the damage is done in the first half. However, if the team we face is shocking or the next game is a difficult team away from home, I’ll often let them play the whole game.

Haaland contributed some good returns in the cup finals.


He also looked like an utter beast at the end of the season.


All those greens in all the right areas. All areas that matter. As I mentioned in the op, I am playing with the best young, formed, striker in the game so it is very much like using a cheat code.

He ended the season with a 130 goals in those 54 games, which was out of my wildest dreams. 


Penalties? He smashes them home. Free kicks? I swear every one goes in. Crosses? He heads them all. Running on to passes? Back of the net. The lads is insane.

130/54 so far.

Thanks for reading!

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1 hour ago, Superking said:

130 goals in 1st season 👍 8 season is more than enough for him to reach 1k.

Thanks King of the Supers

1 hour ago, Dai_ said:

Holy smokes!!! 😳

96 with a 16 year old Angelo is far better.

53 minutes ago, Titjes said:

Fantastic start mate 😉 kiu and let's hope he doesn't pick up any big injuries 🤞

Thanks. No word of a lie, the other day I said to Fuddled that Haaland doesn’t get injured much and then in season two he got an injury. I blame the crafty Fox!

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Every FMM player's who is attempting this 3k challenge will have to beat ur fastest 1k challenge ..and you choose wrong time to do this challenge atleast 3 contenders are already here to challenge u in fastest 1K goals challenge..😅and it can be turn out 🐌 slowest against these 3.

@Scratch, @Dai_ , @broodje kip 


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Season 02

There was plenty of action on the transfer front, with some player upgrades using exchanges leading to Ederson, Theo, and Rovella joining. Reece James was our big cash-only transaction. Rudiger, who the left immediately as a part exchange, and Chiesa were frees.

A large offer came in for TreeFalling, which I accepted, and both Coman (crossing not high enough) and Hernandez (better options) left.



We had a clean sweep of team trophies, again not losing in the league and only drawing two. Our main man bagged a double hat trick again the the silly German Cup, and grabbed another three in the Champions Cup final.



Haaland got a month long injury and missed a bunch of games, annoyingly, but managed to grab 108 in 46 games. He looks an absolute beast too.



Season 01: 130

Season 02: 108

So he now has 238 goals in 109 of my managed games. 762 to go.

Thanks for reading! 

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51 minutes ago, Dai_ said:

That's still a mega return considering the injury.

Well done.

Thank you Vibe’s most talented Welshman

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7 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Goals dropped. You might want to improve.

I will try my best in season 3, Lord Sandwich. 

3 hours ago, Superking said:

Haaland was injured. Despite injury he scored 100+ is insane. 

He’s only joking. Or at least I think he is. I HOPE he is.

Ok, maybe he isn’t.

1 hour ago, StuartM said:

Wowsers, great work! Looks like you could manage 2k if you wanted here... 😜

Thanks Stu. He is stupidly good.

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1 hour ago, Woody said:

Couple more seasons and those numbers are gonna get huge!

Thanks Woodster. They’ve very good, but the numbers others are getting with 16/17 year olds are wayyyy better. 

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