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Tactics 4-1-2-2-1 (that actually gives you goals)

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Those who know me here would have seen my usual rant how it's hard to score and have good defense and it's really hard to do both on this year's game especially with a 4-3-3 (4-1-2-2-1) but finally found a way through and was able to do it with out a dominant striker up front.

    What I was trying to create was a system that used the inside forwards well with a false nine of some kind, just needed the striker to be a decoy 9, wasn't really able to achieve that as only Rashford did well with the format but can't say the same for the other wingers. So I needed a someone up-front with good passing so Ronaldo had to go, I released him and got Nkunku, I didn't plan on doing this till 9 days remaining into the season and I already bought a backup nine in Zapata hence was swapped for Nkunku. Sold Pogba to Man City 💀💀 cause of his poor movement. Had a full rebuild in one season which had 14 players in and out. 

 Only lost two games all season which was the quarter final of the FA cup to Liverpool and lost the final game of the season cause of my second team to Everton which denied me an unbeaten season in my first. In some games you won't get the possession cause of the midfield roles. 

 Now to the tactics, tinkered with a trequartista and deep lying forward role but the Treq worked better and I wasn't expecting the role to score goals but it did. Used the penalty spot corner kick tactic, Bastoni enjoyed this as he was my highest goal scorer. The three roaming playmakers in a midfield three is something have used before for a formation but not for a 4-3-3, @Cockers2505  roaming center overkill gave me the idea for it. 

   Though I'll be looking to get Kane for the next season for that Treq role cause has everything I need and Nkunku's shooting isn't the best though his age and lack of movement is pulling me away, maybe Joao Felix but his ass is always expensive . Well, that's the end of my write up. I hope you guys test it out and share your results if you do









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31 minutes ago, Legend288 said:

Very good tactic. 1L. 1 D. Becouse i was on holiday.


I lost in cl becouse many players were injured and tired (



Thanks for trying it out and you actually passed the 90 mark in league goals, I really wanted that for my team but they couldn't score one against Everton 😄. Also Skriniar scored 40 headers??? Jeez, give him the Balon D'or 

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7 hours ago, LFCTERAS said:

Work with lower teams or middle teams ? And what roles and poaitions train your players ?

Try it out cause I haven't but it should cause it really held against Liverpool in the first season outplaying them. Full backs, train them as wingbacks focusing on crossing, RP's, train them as advanced playmakers focusing on creativity or movement, inside forwards, train them as strikers focusing on shooting or decisions, for the trequartista, any stat of your choice but If you can't get a treq, get a target forward and change the treq role to TF, playing another save with a target forward and it's working well also. 

    Edit: Treq is better 

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9 hours ago, Robert Marcelo said:

Don't need a specific set piece tactic? 

The common set piece tactic around here. Everyone stay back and your player with the highest aerial to mark keeper 

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1 hour ago, LFCTERAS said:

What staff roles and coaching style you have ? And what role used like your assistant ?

Three coaching staffs are experts in general while my assistant is on attacking 

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And you are ?

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3 hours ago, Uncleseekx said:

Three coaching staffs are experts in general while my assistant is on attacking 

And you are ?

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For those who like to ask how about small teams, did this Derby save personally for that and evaded relegation with ease and would have gotten the sixth position for playoffs if my team were not losing and drawing to teams they should win and without the 24 point deduction, easily would have won championship. Also should have scored more than those number of goals but my team were experts in missing clear cut chances and conceding to long range shots


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