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Tactics EME | 3-4-3 | Finally something that works for me!

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I will preface this by saying it works for me and doesn't automatically mean it will for you, but try it and see before asking loads of questions. I'm aware it's a fourth season save and that's because I started with Carlisle on a different tactic when Sunderland came calling miles adrift at the bottom of the Championship. I kept them up with a similar tactic to the one I'm posting and with some tweaks you can see what happened in my second season with them. That Newcastle defeat annoyed me because I had a crazy injury crisis with loads of key players out, including both first team keepers so I had to call in a young kid from the reserves. Happy with how it's turned out on the whole though, and some of you will know how frustrating this game has been for me this year 🤣

By the way, if you just copy and paste questions I've already answered here then I won't be responding. Apologies but it gets tedious doing that all the time. I will answer some of the frequent ones now though;


Only tested with one team so don't know if it will work elsewhere.

Players all trained to the roles they play in the tactic.

Didn't do anything special with the staff and even have some bronze level on the medical team (though I will change that next season).

Yes I used the corner tactic and honestly it's the first time it's really worked for me this well.

Having a central striker with decent aerial will help.

I don't make in game tactical changes.

Yes the save was done on the latest update version of the game.


Right, now to the tactic.

Tactical Instructions




Most Used 11


Final Table


Transfers In



Transfers Out














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4 hours ago, AYB said:

Are the WM attackers or defenders? Poachers as well, what kind of player, IF or actual P?


I used attackers and defenders but trained them to WM with crossing set as their focus attribute.

The poachers are strikers.

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