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Tactics 4-1-2-2-1 Gegenpressing


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After like 7 seasons with Eintracht Braunschweig I finally created a tactic that works so well offensively and defensively even though the tactics is very simple. About this save, I won the 3. division in my first season. I came 3 in the 2. division in my second season and won the relegation battle against HSV. So I spent 5 seasons in the first division building young squad. The tactic I’m presenting now was created in the middle of the 5th season. 

  • Your Goalkeeper should be capable of playing well with the ball or turn the role into a standard goalkeeper 
  • Your center backs should have good pace, passing and decision  making 
  • wing backs should have good pace, stamina and crossing 
  • the ball winning midfielder can be turned into an anchor if your insecure about your defense 
  • Both cmf should be hardworking -> the more creative and offensive one of your midfielders should play as the Roaming playmaker
  • fast wingers is mandatory. They should be like Salah and Mane at Liverpool.
  • Your striker should be hardworking with good stamina, shooting, and aerial 


  • Im starting the game with control mentality. Only change it to attacking when you’re behind and change it to counter when you’re leading in the 70-75th minute 
  • narrow worked best for me. I rarely changed it.
  • fast and expressive is important. You want to attack your opponent as fast as possible after winning the ball from them. If you’re trying this in a lower league or with a bad team, you can change the creative freedom to normal. Having great or world class player makes this tactic almost unbeatable but it’s probably not  that great with bad attacking players 


  • These instructions are kinda self explaining. You want a high line to press your opponent as good as possible. Normal tackling to not receive a lot of yellow cards and offside trap if your defenders are competent enough. 


  • Work into the box and run at Defence combined with short passing and a mixed passing focus. Using looking for overlap or early crosse or a passing focus on both flanks made my team use my wing backs so much and they only tried to cross in the ball without using my inside forward.
  • short goalkeeper distribution works best for me even with a very good goalkeeper 


I started using the tactic mid season so I only put screenshots from games where i used this tactic ( should be enough evidence). At first when using the tactic, I won and lost some games. Unfortunately didn’t win against Man City so I dropped down to UEL. After my players got used to the tactics I won like 18 games in a row (didn’t exactly count). Reached the Europa league final after easily  beating several teams ( even a 7-0 win in Nice). I drew the second last game of the Bundesliga season against Bayern and had the chance to win the Bundesliga for the first time. In a dramatic 3-4 win in Bremen I did it. Unfortunately I lost my second Europa league final ( after losing to Liverpool 2 years ago) and witnessed this tactics weakness…. Villareal parking the bus with extremely fast strikers… 


Here are some stats and I showed you my players with stars rating and market value so you realize how good the team which I used was. 


As you can see goals only scored by my striker and AM. Only a few goals from other positions 


Assist mainly came from my AM‘s and MC ( Gomes who has 8 got like 6 of them in the Europa league game against Nice where I won 7-0) 



Ignore the players in red. They were on loan the whole season.


As you can see I have a very talented young squad which improved a lot throughout the season. Only signed 3 of the 11 players for about 50-60 million. The other ones were signed very cheap as wonderkids and where developed here. E9733331-207E-4206-A143-703D1E4D64EB.thumb.png.3a70ca1d0b57297d531545607f42bd39.png

I don’t know if my squad dynamic had a big impact but I tried to praise and criticize my players when possible. (How can I improve the work rate of my players tho ??? Would appreciate some help with that) 



I had to post this tactic because it won my first big trophy with Eintracht Braunschweig after so many years and I’m proud of it.



Here is a a screenshot of my biggest win. Somehow in an Europa league quarter final.


I hope you enjoyed this post because it took me some time to write all of this.  Would like to hear some feedback. 
Sorry for my bad English as it’s not my native language.

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6 hours ago, Oseni said:

I can see you've gone pretty far with the tactic🙂 

 Definitely shows that it's consistent enough

The post actually says;

'I spent 5 seasons in the first division building young squad. The tactic I’m presenting now was created in the middle of the 5th season'.

Like anything the best way is have a go yourself and see. Tactics are a minefield this year.

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2 hours ago, LFCTERAS said:

Whay staff roles you have ? And role for you. And...what roles use for team training ?

Does @LFCTERASgets an award at the end of the year? If yes, should we create him a category?

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On 11/08/2022 at 11:52, LFCTERAS said:

Whay staff roles you have ? And role for you. And...what roles use for team training ?

Attack Defense goalkeeper and youth and im Fitness. I train them the role they play 


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On 16/08/2022 at 23:31, Yasin1905 said:

Attack Defense goalkeeper and youth and im Fitness. I train them the role they play 


And what role you use like your assistant ?

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