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Sell any player for any amount $$

Posted (edited)

I found a method for selling almost any player for any amount that you want. Of course, use this trick at your own discretion, as @Oseni mentioned, it will ruin any sense of realism with your save.


1. Select a player that any club wants to loan. 

In this case, I picked a random club and a random player: 21 year-old Florian Flick from Schalke 04.

2. Offer the player for loan, check the Buy Out Fee option and input any amount you want.

I inputted 100m for this example.


3. Once the offer comes in, switch the Offer Type from Loan to Transfer.



4. Simply accept the offer and the amount will be paid by the buyer for the player.


Money in the bank!


Thank you for reading!

Edited by busujimarei
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Posted (edited)


2 minutes ago, Oseni said:

Literally cheating 😂😂 it's cool but it'll just wreck the realism of your save

It is hahaha! So please use this trick only when you want to have fun, otherwise it'll just ruin your experience

Edited by busujimarei
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