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Best Trasfers Tips

  • Tips how to Sign Players From UK Ireland with Thier lowest price 
  • Example 
  • I want to sign A Midfielder (BBM)
  • Lewis Ferguson 274369768_Screenshot_20220807-133459_FM22Mobile.thumb.jpg.2132fef5fc3576b657557864af503319.jpg
  • When I enquiry about his Trasfers fees it is around 9 millions..
  • 854234783_Screenshot_20220807-133526_FM22Mobile.thumb.jpg.ac372ebeb943b26146a0ef52b06130ee.jpg
  • So how u can sign this player only his base price or even lower than that.
  • Here is the tips u just need to press exit negotiations button u will get notification like this in inbox 
  • Player outraged to being forced to stay 2028201232_Screenshot_20220807-133542_FM22Mobile.thumb.jpg.5359e7bfd959369417ecdc597524fd32.jpg
  • Next day when u again enquiry about his Trasfers fees 515110170_Screenshot_20220807-133753_FM22Mobile.thumb.jpg.0d9618f938bcfcf4dd3615c3fd54e230.jpg
  • U can sign him only on his Base price with 50% Sell clause even 1 million less and with players exchange u can sign him at just 1 million ..
  • So with this tips u can sign Many UK Ireland  players age of 21-24 .
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It was possible in every league since couple fmm games. Player's higher than real value is mostly dictated by interest from other clubs (in contract tab there is info about clubs interested). By doing what you did here, we reset interest to 0 and that's why the price will go down. 

Most players consider this as cheating. 

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