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The most overpowered players in fmm22

I've been playing FMM22 for a while now and with my little experience in game I've seen some players excel past their stats in game 

Well at least in my saves😁

So yeah right to the main stuff

1. Ridle Baku; and I'm choosing this guy for his amazing consistency he is one of the most well-rounded players in-game with the ability to play anywhere on the right, he is just the perfect pickup and for around 30-35 million pounds he's a bargain 😁

2. Javi Galan; not so popular is he?😏. Well forget about popularity this guy is a beast going forward from that left back position and what's more he's in the laliga( means he has a low release clause) little secret😁

3. Chris mepham; I personally struggle with defensive stability in my saves( not until I found this guy) he's very well rounded lads ) the man plays for Bournemouth tho so expect to want huge wages😏

4. Dominic livakovic; don't tell me you don't know this guy. Now he's not exceptionally overpowered but I put him on the list for the kinda player you'll be getting for your money 

Spending 25mip is well worth it for this guy although you can still get him for around 15 mil if you want😁

5. Nico Gonzalez; the young lad playing at Barcelona has no exceptional stat but he's too good for his age and still has room to grow considering his age, he might be too expensive tho

6. James ward prowse; you're not okay if you don't know this guy😂 ( just kidding) 

The best set piece taker in-game and he's very consistent racking up around 80 assists in 3 seasons in my Tottenham save🙂 

He's a legend

7. Luis alberto; plying his trade over at Lazio, Italy

He's one of the better attackers around

Altho he's a bit on the older side (not so much tho) getting him for 44mil is just perfect if you ask me

8. Kareem adeyemi; love this guy cause I'm a Nigerian and he has Nigerian roots ( I'm not so happy he's playing for Germany tho😣

This guy is an absolute beast at 19 he already has insane stats imagine training him well he'll be a beast

Note; this list is based on my own personal experience it does not necessarily mean they'll work for everyone

But I'm putting an emphasis on Baku 

Make sure you sign him lads he's too good to be left alone 🚶 

Thank you

And right

Credit to FM SCOUT👌

This list wouldn't be possible without them

Edited by Oseni
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For me, Lainez, Rosas, Corral, Leonardo, Nygren, Vagnoman, De Ketelaere, Musah, Trubin, Gomez, Doohan, Amey, Arrey-Mbi, Ballard, Mudryk, Volpato, Karrikaburu....to name a few

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