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Tactics From Serie C to Europa League in 4 seasons (41221))

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Posted (edited)

Just wanted to share a tactic that has served me well in the game. Firstly I took Stalybridge from NLN to L2 in 5 seasons and consolidated them in the top half of L2 before taking on the Padova job in Serie C/A in Italy. 4 seasons later we are title challengers in Serie A, have spent only around £60 million doing so. Its with this club where the tactic has really shone. But as you see we arent full of world class players, Padova dont have the reputation or finances yet, just a solid above average Serie A squad.

I'll first take a look at my principles. I am not a manager who goes for crazy gung-ho formations, I pride myself on defensive solidity first and foremost and the football comes later. The team need to work as a narrow unit with high levels of teamwork. We do not press high but neither do we completely sit back. I strike a balance. 

I won't take the entire credit for this, its ideas I've seen on here combined with my own. So I'll talk you through this. It is suitable for both top clubs and lower leagues.

At home or against teams I should beat, I look to keep the ball on the floor building up slowly through the lines, recycling possession if nothing is on. I use a balance mentality and expressive creative freedom. We regularly pick up around 55-60% of the ball which is more than enough without descending into tiki taka borefests.

Goals come from all over the park. I will admit we could score more if I was more adventurous but I'd rather a solid 1-0 than a 2-1. The first 4 screenies show how we set up. The balanced nature of the tactic and to make it as adaptable as possible the team has all the ingredients, pace, power, strength, nous, and quality passing. 

Away against the big sides (Roma, Juve, Inter, Atalanta, Milan) who have better players on paper I go for a much more cautious counter attacking setup. Again we do not press high, more of a low to mid block and we play on defensive mentality. It still creates plenty of chances. I switch the playmakers to BBM and the IF to IW to create more width and runners from deep. The next 2 screens show the away setup. I've had great success getting results at these clubs. I haven't got a load of screenshot to back this up but I'll give you a snippet

To make the tactic work you need the right players. I do not use the corner exploit.

The back 4 is self explanatory, attacking wing backs helps combined with the overlap shout. 

The BBMs I have both have get into the area, moves into channels and high levels of teamwork and movement. The APs have killer balls and dictates tempo. The AF has beat the offside trap and move into channels. The IF must cut inside. The squad has high levels of determination.  

I have regularly conceded around 25-30 goals a season but as I said it is not free scoring, average out around 1.2 or 1.3 goals per game. That said I've invested in more quality and this year we are looking really potent. We are the real deal and could challenge for the scudetto and the Europa League this season

The drawbacks? The AF can get isolated and doesn't score enough for my liking. I switch him to a DLF if we're not making an impression in the final third or a PF if I'm holding on a lead.

The DM gets low ratings but that's more to do with the game than him being really poor.

Anyway hope some of you give it a try and if you gave any ideas to get the lone man banging in 20 instead of 10-15 let me know

Screenshot_20220819-122555_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220819-122633_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220819-122623_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220819-122611_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220819-122723_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220819-122729_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220819-122431_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220819-123157_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220819-131105_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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3 hours ago, Torir72 said:

is the right winger an ap?


It can go left or right but you need the bbm switched to the same side as well, it's a key part of the movement in the setup.

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Posted (edited)

Well we came 2nd to Milan, losing out on the title last day with a 0-0 at Napoli but we won the Europa League, knocking out Barca, Man Utd and Juve in the final, plus the Italian Cup. Excellent for a young team, all the fixtures just caught up with some tired players in the final run in.

Again, a very strong defence and a decent attack (I do not use the corner cheat). We did very well against the top clubs but had a few games where we were FMMed out of it against smaller sides. 




Screenshot_20220824-093155_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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14 hours ago, LFCTERAS said:

What roles train your players ?

For the positions and roles you expect them to play in. Focus attributes on what you want them to do most in that position, for example advanced forward-shooting.

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