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Career 1M Challenge - CandiD Duo!

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Posted (edited)

Hi, trying new challenge after got a bit bored in Karrikaburu save - and end up saved over it 😅 thankfully still have backup save. 

But here's my take on the 1M Challenge by @deepheat83 my guy is a young striker from Basque,  Aimar Peña Vázque.Screenshot_2022-08-18-18-54-44-127_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.bb863a86035167610d4a044bd234a4ed.jpg

Bought from Athletic Bilbao for £975k (his release clause), I swear he was valued as £850k when I scout him, but not long after get in my team his value dropped 🤦🏻‍♂️


Anyway, here's how the season goes :








Develop into a decent player :


Great goal return, with one high scoring match, and he still managed to only scored 4 from 11ish penalties he got.


Injured once at the end of season. 



Domestic treble. Can't get past Madrid and Inter in the UCL Group, get into EL Knock out. Lost to Atlético de Madrid in final. 



That's it, see you later. 

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4 hours ago, inter7 said:

Shouldn't he play in the spanish league?

Is there any rules like that in the challenge? Afaik the only rules are :


-No unlockables allowed.

-Set manager rating to whatever you like.

-Sign any striker you wish. Max spend cannot be over £1,000,000 or equivalent (no player exchange. Cash only).

-Striker must be signed. No development from within.

-No restrictions on any other player signings.

-Have fun.

-No questioning or quizing other participants. We take what they post as gospel. 

So there's no restriction that Spanish player must play only in Spanish League... 


If there's any restriction like that, kindly tell me. I'll restart the challenge if there's that restriction. 

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difficulties started so far england player english league greek player was playing in greek league anyway ask deepdeath

Correct me if I'm wrong because that's what I did.

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Okay, I want to resume this challenge but... Sadly my phone was reset and I lost all my save. So I need to restart any career I have... Well I'll try another. Will keep all of you updated later, hopefully this time I'll manage to get to 1K.

Update soon

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I haven't revisited this challenge since I saved over it but I  pretty sure I never specified they had to be domestic to their league.


I will double check to confirm 

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Random, I chose the same guy and Celtic for my 1M challenge. Although he looks better for you 😂

I’ll be following this one closely. Good luck mate. 

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4 hours ago, MikeF said:

Random, I chose the same guy and Celtic for my 1M challenge. Although he looks better for you 😂

I’ll be following this one closely. Good luck mate. 

My save file already gone in this guy, my phone bricked so I had to buy a new one and reinstall fmm22... So you will use him alone :)

I already found a new guy and he is more of a challenge than Peña. I think I'll persist and try to finish one challenge at least 😆

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Okay, here we go. Since @MikeF stole my Peña, I need to find another young, talented striker in the land of low release clause, Spain. And maybe some more challenge to increase my motivation. So I'm trying to get fastest 100 goals and 100 assist from @samhardy'S The Race to 100 challenge. 

And the duo I choose is... 


Aimar Vicandi Alzola - David Mella Boullón

I found my boy as I was sulking at Peña's betrayal... in Bilbao reserve. His teammate 😅 To make it more interesting, found out I chose the weakest striker in all FMM22. Screenshot_2022-08-29-16-45-58-419_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.a5c1b786c56e3a84ffdaf625c2003f50.jpg

1 point in strength, like how did that possible? Is he like as strong as a baby? 

I forget to take SS from Mella at start of season, so I create new game and take his SS. Its not entirely the same though, iirc my Mella start with 10 in crossing. But you got the idea. Screenshot_2022-09-01-14-14-02-213_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.abe158419c988c36fccdf6b768bf69fe.jpg

Both have low release clause, £875k for Vicandi and £450k for Mella. Aimar Vicandi-David Mella. I called them the CandiD duo. 

Starting at Celtic, here's the first season. 



Yari Verschaeren was bought in the end of season as I found him in the transfer list. I want Giroud for mentor but he didn't want to join. Milan agreed to take him in exchange with Abada, but he refused to join. He even snubbed me when I use the holiday trick, so nothing can be done. So I go to Carillo as Vicandi need a lot of Heading training, his starting aerial is only 7.

Team Result


Winning domestic treble. That's almost a surething using Celtic bar something unexpected, which thankfully didn't happen in this save. Somehow, I didn't met Rangers at any point of two cups. 

In Europe though, its different story. Managed to reach UCL playoff but can't get past Benfica. At home, we managed to get 4-0 in the first 34 minutes before they fought back and somehow make it 4-4. Their leveler come in 90+4 minds, literally the last kick in game. In their home we lost badly. Screenshot_2022-09-01-14-52-26-946_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.75575cf2ff086059b452eb2d660812f9.jpgScreenshot_2022-09-01-14-52-12-147_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.c6494b0393cb45499a36f81caa55e0ce.jpg

In Euro League Group, we can't get to knockout even tho we have the best Goal difference. Screenshot_2022-08-31-05-25-00-356_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.33c12e2512e1a59b373e633c1629659c.jpg

And that take us to first Europa Conference League, which was won by Roma in real life. We managed to reach final after we get past Rennes, Tottenham, Fehérvár FC, and Union Berlin. And in the final, we met Roma,the real champion of the cup. The result? We won! thanks to 2 quick goals, but the rest of the game was really nervy especially after they get 1.Screenshot_2022-08-31-09-34-09-396_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.edc7aa2715b910ca7584be932e45b47f.jpg

The biggest contributor in team is as follow :


Early day was really hard. Vicandi didn't win any header and can't score penalties. Iirc he got to the point of only 2 or 3 goals in his first 10 games. But that gets better once he reach 10 Aerial. And at the end of season he managed to reach >1 gpg (65 goals in 64 games), which I consider as success. His penalty still sh*t tho, He got a lot of penalties, and even (somehow) got one in All Cup finals we played. Maybe he scored around 30-40% of them. Thankfully one of his successful one is in the Europa Conference League final.  


And for assist King, Vicandi's partner in crime managed 39 assists in his first season. Well I play him in almost every game until 85% or 60ish mins and make him main corner taker for both corners, so that's to be expected. 0.65 assists per game. Decent I'd say, especially considering his starting stats. 

The CandiD 

Both developed nicely considering their start. They're both 2005 kids and it's quite satisfying. Screenshot_2022-08-31-10-05-58-235_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.947c51e3021c483e45f35f356ecd363a.jpgScreenshot_2022-08-31-10-06-12-512_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.b2c6efe9290010a8b45284cf15caa293.jpg

He buffed up quite a bit as I used 2 Fitness coach. Still weak thou. 


Both didn't get any injuries all season, using 3 Gold - Natural Prevention coach. Got some injuries here and there all season but not on the main players. 

A bit insight into second season :

Too bad the next season I'm not as lucky, Mella got injured at the 2nd match of the season. Screenshot_2022-08-31-14-07-46-109_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.72b0f20509bea86573fb6d852dd31e3d.jpg

And he take a long time to get back to creating goals, he got something like 1 assist in 10 matches. But now he is back to his best, hopefully no more injuries. 

Manager Stat


84% win rate and 2.9 gpg. Hopefully it gets better. 

And finger crossed I'll get the Spanish job after World Cup! 


For now I'm going 1KC goals and 0.5KC assists, if I still motivated then I'll try 2KC goals and 1KC assists.

Vicandi's Goals : 65/1000 = 6.5%

Mella's Assists : 39/500 = 7.8%



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5 hours ago, inter7 said:

How did you sell the players for that price?

Over the top selling method, and some have bidding war (2 teams bid for same player). 

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Season 2




Carreira didn't develop his crossing as much as I want, so I turned back to Chem Campbell. He is so expensive though, £25m+Furuhashi. Nico Mantl as back up keeper as I sold Hazard that did a good job as back up but simply not good enough. I return Carreira to WBR so sold Ralston. 



Domestic treble, not easy though. 5 pens in League Cup final, 4 for me. And Vicandi managed to shoot it over the bar. And Maeda also fckd up his chance. Thankfully ever reliable Turnbull and Juranovic did his job properly. Scottish Cup was a breeze, with Vicandi hattrick. 

In Europe, we managed to squeeze out from Group that include Real Madrid, Dortmund, and Shakhtar as runner up. 

In first Knockout round, we managed to defeat Benfica at their home after draw 2-2 at home. Screenshot_2022-09-01-15-55-41-367_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.d2f4b5755fbcec7defb85187ca4c3c7b.jpg

In quarter final we met Barcelona. And after drawn at Camp Nou, surprisingly managed to defeat them at home in second leg. Screenshot_2022-09-01-21-19-53-043_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.29708f8bcd40694b52c9b8975b180613.jpg

And then we met the eventual winner Manchester City at Semi Final. Losing 1-2 at first leg, We won at home but lost in penalties. Screenshot_2022-09-02-05-11-43-617_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.2e716e9b371e057f75c42570bf511413.jpg

The CandiD 

Screenshot_2022-09-02-06-16-22-727_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.18b8ad0675186eaad344249d366e747d.jpgScreenshot_2022-09-02-06-16-29-025_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.25681da50227794ed17371a9c83747c6.jpgLots of development and Vicandi seemed like a decent striker. Its hard to increase his Aerial though, maybe its his maximum? I don't know. Hopefully he still got some more points in him. He managed to get 94 goals this season, it's regretful that we didn't manage 100 goals mark. He got injured twice at match this season, but didn't serious and no injury email after match. Maybe because he is jaded and need rest but I still played him. And he got 10 strength, finally looked like a man. 



Mella also looked decent, but as I said before he got 3 weeks injury at the season start and it took him some time to get back to form. He didn't eclipse his previous season haul, but considering all things, 35 assists is really good gain. Screenshot_2022-08-31-14-07-46-109_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.f37261eb8bfe9e84a4a990ccf5f24c08.jpg

Both main contributor for team. 


Manager Stats


83.4% WR (slight decrease) and 2.87 gpg (also decrease). 

Oh, the Spain manager get sacked but they won't hire me even after I declared interest and submitted my application. 


Vicandi : 159/1000 (15.9%)

Mella : 74/500 (14.8%)



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On 02/09/2022 at 18:49, deepheat83 said:

Good job sell Roltson, can be hard to find a buyer for him

Yeah. But an offer come so I just accept it after haggling the price to the best. He is my second Wing back thou, above Juranovic which I used as back up for both flank. 

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Season 3



Buy Seiwald for my midfield since I sold both Mannsverk and Brannagan. Samu was bought after season end, after I sold MacKenzie Carse. Alex Cumming... Well I want a young striker to take over from Carillo as my second striker, he is 16y, Scottish, and his name is hilarious 😂 but this is him at the end of season. Not too shabby eh. 



Transfer out : Sell some old guards, Carse was one of Celtic reserve player that can develop nicely alongside Dembele. Used him a lot as subs 9th (subs) Midfielder in season 2, and in this season after Brannagan and Mannsverk gone I used him as part of main team. But at end season a great offer come so... He's sold, as he was good but is limited (like Brannagan). Can still use him but I think he had, or almost reached his ceiling. Here's the offer (it's not a loan deal) and his profile, Screenshot_2022-09-04-02-34-51-136_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.8d7d0ba5d37489a4b1b7a3da6b651b4a.jpgScreenshot_2022-09-04-02-34-54-869_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.7402a4bad777bee57b3473ef1af62c01.jpg


Domestic treble. CandiD really hit the ground running and won't stop this year. Nobody in Scotland can stop him, we cruise through the league and domestic cups. 

I'm Europe, we managed to get past our group as group winner. 

Screenshot_2022-09-03-20-56-12-818_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.801095983769a7d315355f54d4248ba3.jpgmanaged to get past Napoli after extra time in Knockout 1st round. Screenshot_2022-09-03-13-21-54-526_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.4c25b12a739cb71633b3ca0104feb7b3.jpg

In quarter final, we won at home in first leg against Real Madrid, and then managed to win penalties after lost in second leg. 


That take us to semi final, we met Inter. They defeat us in their home first leg, but we destroy them at home to seal our place at final...


And we won the champions League for first time after defeat another Milano Giant, AC Milan. 


What a perfect season. Also this guy is something else, 3 Cup finals, 3 hattricks. Just wow. 


The CandiD Duo 


Truly a breakthrough season for both. Not much development stats wise, as I felt Vicandi already peaked - no more increase after games - and Mella need to mature to improve. 

But Vicandi was a goal machine this season, he is incredibly consistent - most games produced at least 2 goals, even if there's no high scoring games (his max per game still 4 goals). Iirc he only failed to score in the game in Madrid, which we lost 1-0 but through due to penalties. Not injured at all during the season is a huge bonus. And he breach the 100 goals max - and scoring 131 times for club. He is still 0 goals for country, as the Spain coach barely use him at all. 


Mella also produced his best season yet with 51 assists from 54 games - a bit shy of 1 assist per game. Thankfully didn't injured at all this season, although he did miss some games as his stamina is still really low. 

Highest contribution in team. 



One annoying thing I experienced is - so many offers for my players and most want to leave - especially if the offer comes from Spain and Premier League. Had to deal with morale issues because of that, and need to extend their deal. 

And some of the best team also offer me contract, they want my service - Barca, United, Chelsea. Not accepting any of course, I want my first long career. 

Manager stat


3.05 gpg total and 86.6% WR. Getting better. And for this season only... 3.43 gpg and 93.3%WR. My best season ever in FMM. 


Vicandi : 290/1000 (29.0%) 

Mella : 125/500 (25.0%)


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Season 3



A bit of midfield overhaul this season. Screenshot_2022-09-10-12-11-48-098_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.e88b660e9925ba29a077b5eec54aa26a.jpg


Screenshot_2022-09-08-06-18-16-609_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.b7fd1c1cf735e1711312c2c191b4a671.jpgScreenshot_2022-09-04-19-36-59-351_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.f8636b5e24c08a614e1793219b4a0e2e.jpgWon Uefa Super Cup for 1st time, win against Roma.Screenshot_2022-09-10-12-17-05-630_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.25f9e6f79f42e0050b4d2bc9e186d7a5.jpgScreenshot_2022-09-05-15-55-52-216_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.0c70a0d50d365c168ab6a78e6c075457.jpgScreenshot_2022-09-10-12-15-41-478_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.39dc33846a7441dbd1d3452e3ae5628f.jpg

Win domestic treble with Hibernian emerge as second best team in Scotland. 2nd in league and twice runner up in Cup finals. 

My quest to be back to back CL winner, stopped by Milan. They hold us to draw after we lost in first leg. 


The CandiD


Still an incredible season for Vicandi-He scored a bit less than last season, but still great amount. Not much improvement except in his physical stats. Screenshot_2022-09-08-06-17-15-666_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.1602474fc037958482ec54d402a64f37.jpgScreenshot_2022-09-08-06-17-25-148_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.4a25ad6d8447b823a2c6e6db97ffbb9a.jpg

High return in assists for Mella, his highest yet. Finally more than 1 assists/game. That's including two minor injuries.


Highest contribution in team. 


Manager stats :



Vicandi : 415/1000 (41.5%)

Mella : 197/500 (39.4%)


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