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Career dulquer goes for #roadto2kcgoals,1kcassists

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Posted (edited)

Hello vibe,

I got inspired after seeing 3K Career Goals threads from @deepheat83 @fRESH@Scratch . I decided to give it a try for 2K career Goals. I does some short careers in my local but It's my first attempt posting a full journey of player career in vibe community.

The Club:

Without any hesitation, went for Celtic FC in SPL as it's easy and going to be farmers league. one way or two way(rangers) but not much traffic in journey😂😂


The Player:

I decided to go with Benjamin Sesko at first but @Scratch went with him. So decided to go with mr.unknown to vibe Marko Lazetic (AC Milan). I picked him considering his age (17yo), height of 1.92m and decent starting stats. I don't know whether I make a good or bad decision but decided to go with flow.


well going to base player stats, here it's





I went through this amazing thread around vibe, it helped me very much to understand the various aspects of striker banging more goals upfront. I will also change tactics and instructions according to opponent similar to how more viber's did.

Thank you vibe for reading👍

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Posted (edited)

Season 1:

I have a basic knowledge in transfer market. Tough transfer window with limited budget at start. Yet managed to get below deals




in winter transfer window, i have replaced Luis sinisterra (Colombian winger) with Luis Henrique (brazilian guy).  That's it from season1 transfers.

Team Performance:

Manage to win premiership and Sports cup. Knocked outta UCL in round2 against FC Porto. Got easy group with teams, ajax,milan and SCP. Qualified to second round eventhough points were same of Celtic and ajax.

Lazetic performed well when he's in link with sinisterra after he moved out he struggled and Luis Henrique as well went out to injury for a month. So In second half of season his performances are average.

Lazetic's Debut match:


I think his max goals in game for season1 is 5. Didn't manage to get the screenshot of it. Will get more screenshots of his better performances in season2. Here is my team top playmaker for season1, though he discontinued in midway. before going into marko's goal tally:


Lets head to Lazetic's development and Stats at end of season1.



Haven't mentored him with limited funds, hopefully will mentor him in season2 and try bringing best out of him.

Goal Tally: 

Season1: 70

Unfinished Goals: 1930


Thanks for reading, cya with season2 update.

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Posted (edited)

Nice 70 goals is very good no. In 1st season...

I scored 76 In 1st season with my tactics and after that I not able to score even 50 🤣🤣... with same striker i didn't used wingers instead i used IF and able to score 76 .. and when I used winger I hardly reach 50 goals in 1st season .. and I m getting bored after Season or 2 how u guys compete this challenges is incredible.. ..

Edited by Superking
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15 hours ago, Superking said:

Nice 70 goals is very good no. In 1st season...

I scored 76 In 1st season with my tactics and after that I not able to score even 50 🤣🤣... with same striker i didn't used wingers instead i used IF and able to score 76 .. and when I used winger I hardly reach 50 goals in 1st season .. and I m getting bored after Season or 2 how u guys compete this challenges is incredible.. ..

maybe our tactics differ. I used wingers only. I focus on pace, crossing (must be 15+) and foot (right for rw/rwb and vice-versa) of players while trying to buying wingers and wingbacks most probably. 

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Season 2 Update:

Hello Vibe,

Lots of things happened in this season. First will go through the transfers. A tough transfer season with limited funds of 20m again. I feel the pain of managing a club with limited funds while competing with whales in uefa champions league and europa league.

Transfer Update:

transfers in:


transfers out:


Not much business done as i relied on loaned players much (camavinga, nuno, David, shoretire etc) have converted funds to finances as my players won't accept the lower salaries and their contracts are expecting. renewed contracts of James Rodriguez and Sommer.

Season Progress:

managed to win premiership and scottish cup. UCL is a nightmare when I fell into group of city, inter and SCP. manage to qualify for europa but gets shattered by #forcabarca.

Serbia hired me:

I kept my nation as Serbia. Serbian manager sacked at time of world cup. Took advantage of it, applied and they accepted me 😂. I have continental reputation.


Luis Henrique-Playmaker:

With 2kcgoals career in parallel i thought of doing 1kc assists. Might be a stupid decision but will give it a try with flow. Here's his stats after season 2.


Stats update:

#assists: 81

#unfinished assists: 919 #herewego


will go through his development first. I feel he's peaked or maybe there's one more update left. 




able to pass determination as well as +3 attributes of heading. will try to mentor him again with player possessing profesionalism.

his best games in season:


his score would have been six but as expected he missed a penalty and got an assist for own goal.

season best game for lazetic:


his personal best is 10goals. Now I feel I can't touch that number again in coming seasons😂😂😂

Stats time:

finally stats update after season2:


 103 club goals and 6 national goals in 3 games which I managed him adding to a total of 109goals at end of season2.

#total goals: 179

#unfinished goals: 1821 


That's it for season 2. Will try to finish season 3 soon.

Thanks for reading, cya Vibe.

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Season3 update:

Hello Vibe,

I have got 40m transfer budget. Utilised them on below transfers.

Screenshot_20220829-124254.thumb.png.8a195dc9b6a4b9c70d1abb43126b235f.pngSold some of players and got 18.5m. I think Oscar is regen of cuadrado went for him straight.

Got 5* gk from youth as well even though my youth facilities is 4*.

That's it from transfer. Let's head to playmaker first. Here are his stats:

Screenshot_20220829-124427.thumb.png.c4c58587de152974cd785fdee022b10d.pngGames: 46



Total assists = S1+S2+S3= 14+67+75= 156(after season3)

unfinished assists= 1000-156= 844 assists TBC


let's go to our striker and see what he did:


Played: 54 (club) + 7(nation) = 61

Goals: 129 (club) + 18 (nation) = 147 goals 

Total Goals= (S1+S2) + S3.total= 179+147= 326 goals (after S3)

Unfinished goals: 2000-326= 1674 goals TBC.

Thanks for reading!

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7 hours ago, Superking said:

You r on for 200+ goals season and very good stats for assist and goals...

I have got a settled team now and decent backups, if players gets exhausted (mainly st, wingers, and wingbacks) and they have relationships as well. looking forward to 150+ in next two seasons first. Hopefully I can get that 200 mark (club+intl) by end of career😊

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