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Career 1M x 1K challenge

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Posted (edited)

I was looking for something to do to pass the time til the next version and liked the look of the 1k challenge with the player costing no more than £1m. 

I figured Celtic was a good team do use due to easy league and Spain was a good place to find someone due to the minimum fee release clauses they all have and found this guy who looks like he has potential (turns out I’ve just copied @Ariza8 😂)


Fast, potentially tall and a bargain at £975k. Although that immediately dropped to £55k after signing so let’s see how he turns out. 

Season 1:

He developed well in some areas 



Faster, taller, but can’t finish at all 😂. We’ll need to work on that. He’s also a bottle job in big matches but there’s not many of those in Scotland…



We did ok. Rangers we’re unstoppable so we didn’t win the league and also crashed out of Europe. So we didn’t really do ok… But I bought a lot of youth and this was a bedding in season.

This guy looks like a gem:



Thats 16 at the end of the season. I relied too much on him this season so will sign another left winger to help but he’s a future star. 




I found it hard to shift players for some reason so a lot went on part exchanges which helped start to mould the team.



Lots of familiar names in there apart from the young lad Roony and I’ve not used Rosas before but he fits my new system so he came in Jan and did well (after his debut of 4.0). 

I started using my old 1k system but made a few tweaks halfway through the season to try something new and it seemed to click so let’s hope for more goals this year as he develops more too. 

Goals: 46/1000

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Nooo why you do this to me 😭 now I need to find another guy 😢 (hold on did I sound like someone who's GF just get robbed from him 😅

Well good luck, he is a good lad, he can give some crazy number when he mature. And my save already gone anyway so Ill just find another guy 😅

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Season 2

Still young and developing but his stamina means he misses quite a few games due to being tired. 



Finishing needs to be higher too. But he scored more than last season and played fewer games so I’m hoping as the team around him levels up he’ll start firing. 


he did take us to the final of the CL though however we lost. 

success in the league and some silverware 




cleared out some deadwood and bought a couple of key signings. Monchu is an absolute beast. 

Budgets are small but the team is forming nicely now. I’m hoping next season we’ll start seeing a good return. 



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Season 3

Better again this year but still not getting big numbers we need to clear this challenge in a reasonable amount of time. 
He’s still developing though and looking s lot better now. 


Stamina is still an issue but his key stats are green now. He goes missing from big games but I’m hoping consistently will improve as he ages. He doesn’t seem to get injured much which is good. 

Poor guy did get injured for the last two weeks of the season missing the CL final but he would have bottles it anyway 😂 


The boys dug in though:



Good season all round…






I sold Iturbe as got a good offer for him and needed funds (stingey board) for a good back up striker to help win more games and general squad depth. Brought in Livakovic for 1/4th the price of Iturbe so good business there.


In Jan I had to sell Pervis as needed the money to lock down unhappy players who got stroppy and wanted higher wages (I’m looking at you Monchu) but that got the team happy again. 




Its time for him to step up now. 

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Good job selling Ralston, could be hard finding a buyer for him 😌

Next season Peña should start banging goals like crazy, back him to get 100 goals next season! 

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