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Career £1,000,000 to 1k striker - Corona(virus)

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Signed this gem of a striker for my challenge.

Originally challenge was set to £100,000 so I was surprised when I managed to sign him for that exact value.

Picked celtic because after trying multiple leagues I figured this has the most games and pretty much against poor opposition. 

Using my battering ram tactic with some small changes here and there.

Pretty solid first season.

He's developing nicely.

45 games.

70 goals.

70/1000 = 0.7% complete

Averaging 1.5556 goals/ game

Screenshot_20220905-074214_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220905-074257_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220905-073837_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220905-074305_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220905-074416_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220905-074429_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220905-074434_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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Season 2 and 3 update.

Forgot to get transfers in season 2 but wasn't many.

Season 2 goals


Brings total to 153/1000

Season 3 goals


Total 264/1000

Screenshot_20220905-221412_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220906-172025_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220906-172031_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220906-172041_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220906-172054_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220906-172100_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220906-172109_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220906-173000_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220906-173010_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220906-173018_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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Season 4 complete 

Not quite as effective as season 3 but still solid numbers. Mixed things up a bit this season but didnt work so reverted back to original tactic.

Season 4 goals 




36% complete

Screenshot_20220912-113654_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220912-113659_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220912-113713_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220912-113721_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220912-113730_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220912-113745_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220912-113753_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220912-113800_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220912-113813_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220912-113821_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220912-113832_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220912-113838_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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