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Career Pater Europae, Charlemagne's Andorra (S13-S15)


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Good day vibe! Now here's a career that I'm sure many have attempted, or at least thought about yeah? 

F.C. Andorra! Ruling Spanish and European football with a team entirely home-grown and made up of Andorran players! A true rags to riches story.

And so begins my story, 

Here are my goals that I have set to achieve before the end of my career:

  • An Andorran player with 1000 goals scored over the course of his career. 
  • Lift the World Cup with the Andorran National Team. 
  • Win the Euros with the Andorran National Team. 
  • Win a domestic treble with a First XI consisting entirely of Andorran players. 
  • Win the Champion's League with a First XI consisting entirely of Andorran players. 

Ranked roughly by difficulty, and that's about it really. I'm open to adding more achievements and what have you, if anyone has suggestions. 

So I've just about set everything up in pre-season now, taken a nice look over the team, and oh dear looks like we have absolutely 0 good Andorran players! 

Now I'm taking this serious 100%, which means I'm not going to set any weird transfer limits such as selling all my non-Andorran players ASAP and only buying Andorran players to replace them. No, I'll be using every tool available at my disposal, anything to reach my end goals. The Andorran superstar players can wait, I'll get them in slowly over the years. Right now, right here, I will first build F.C. Andorra, to become powerhouses. 

Just wanted to make that clear, and with that here's me heading into the first season! 


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Season 1

Now let me set the scene up, it's January, and Barca B are absolutely running away with the league, with only 2 losses to their name and led by players such as Dani Alves, Aubameyang, and Umtiti. I am comfortably 2nd and it's become clear I have secured a play-off spot unless my team completely falls apart due to injuries. 

Now by this point I had already won the first fixture against Barca B, and I was holding on to hope that as long as I could beat them again in the second fixture I might just win the league. But by March, Barca B had only widened the gap between us and I had given up hope on winning the league. 

And then April rolled along and 






Okay now, they're still leading the league and April-June was tough for me too, with 2 losses suffered at the hands of Villareal B and Sabadell, I was heading into the final match day against Barca B with 81 points against their 83.


And what a dramatic match that was, with a missed penalty by our top scorer Carlos Martínez, and a winning goal scored by one of our key players, winger Zouridine Thior.(More on these players later) 

And there we have it, 



Winning the league with my trademark tactic that I'm very proud of, that I would describe as an unholy marriage between the tactical stylings of José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. 

Unfortunately, I chose not to go for a deep cup run as that might've brought my chances of winning the league down, so I played a weakened second team against Levante and bowed out. 


So with that lengthy write out done, let me move on to showcasing some of the key players this season. 



Carlos Martínez (53 OVR) 


The seasoned striker was crucial this season, being the club top scorer bagging 21 goals and 3 assists over 24 appearances, maintaining an impressive 1 goal contribution a game. However, he is very quickly declining, and the search for his successor is priority. 


Carlos Pomares (59 OVR) 


Joining on loan over the winter transfer window, the all round wingback very quickly impressed with incredible performances down the flank. Impressed to the point where he was offered a contract and is now set to join F.C. Andorra at the end of the season. 


Zouridine Thior (60 OVR) 


With 12 goal contributions, 9 goals and 3 assists, over the course of 24 appearances, for a goal contribution of 0.5 per game. His stats don't stand out massively, but every goal that came from him was crucial, as seen with his league winner against Barca B. 

Honourable mention:

Marvin Park (68 OVR/61 OVR*)


Our top playermaker this season with 7 assists in 22 games. He was by and far the best player on the F.C. Andorra sheet, if he was playing his natural position, that is. Unfortunately, he only ever played as a wingback. 

And my oh my that has been a long writing session, so I shall end this update right here. It has been an enjoyable first season, and here's hoping for more of that. 

Wish me luck, and off I go! 

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Season 2

I wasn't expecting much from this season, honestly I was looking forward to spending a little gap season just strengthening my team and ironing out any and all kinks. 

And indeed, I played 4 friendlies against well established Segunda Division teams and I lost every single one. 

So I was prepared for a rocky season ahead, my starting form wasn't amazing either 

But then


We won the league! 


Alright now let me back it up a little, let's go to the start of the winter transfer window. 

Vigo and Granada were leading the race in what could only be called a two horse race. They were far ahead of everyone else, and it just felt like a forgone conclusion that they would occupy 1st and 2nd with everyone else fighting for the play-off spots. 

And me too, even I had fully believed that 3rd was the best I could get. I just went through the winter window as I would normally, making stronger and stronger signings, and I just kept playing games. 

By April,

Segunda Division had turned into a 3 way fight. A close fight with each of us trading positions every match day. 

Until Vigo's hopes were crushed in May. 


Leaving automatic promotion for us and Granada. 

And the league win after that? I have nothing to say about it, except that it was simply a coin flip. 


Now we had an unexpectedly good domestic cup run, making it all the way to the quarter finals where we faced Valencia. 


A Valencia team that were simply better and deserved to win. A Valencia that would then go on to the Finals, barely losing out on silver ware with a 3-2 loss to Atletico Madrid. 

And that about covers how our games went this season.

So now on to our key players:



Carlos Pomares(59 OVR) 


A familiar face from last season's batch of key players. A man who has maintained a mind-boggling AVR of 8.06 over the course of 29 games, scoring a single goal, the league winning goal, in fact, and assisting 12 more to become our top playmaker. 


Mateo Pellegrino(61 OVR) 


Our successor to previous striker and top goalscorer, Carlos Martínez. Joining us in the winter window, he has scored 14 goals with 1 assist in just 17 appearances. Still young with plenty of room to grow, I'm hoping he develops further in La Liga. 


Zouridine Thior(65 OVR) 


Another familiar face, Thior has in fact take that familiarity to another level by exactly replicating his stats from the previous season! Scoring 9 goals and assisting 3 in 24 games yet again. A point of interest here is that Thior had a disappointing first half of the season, with an AVR of under 6.8 around January. But he pulled through and grew, re-establishing himself as a key member of F.C. Andorra. 

Honourable mention: 

Mauro Garcia González(46 OVR) 


A player who at the moment looks entirely unremarkable and mediocre. But, he is the only Andorran player with any semblance of potential, and here's me hoping he grows into a star player for Andorra. 

And that brings this update to a close, hope you've had fun reading, and til next time, wish me luck! 

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48 minutes ago, StuartM said:

Nice work! The next step will be a big one, I hope you get a budget to match it!

Unfortunately this is Tebas era La Liga and not the EPL, 

My budget is a lofty 6 mil.

I suppose I'll just have to scrape by with loans, speaking of which, a certain 15 year old diminutive left footed Argentinian has just been brought in on loan. 




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Season 3

So first season with the big boys, looks like it's time to finally brace for a rude awakening. So two big friendlies played against La Liga side Elche and Segunda side Eibar, losing one and drawing the other. 

It doesn't look too good, but as always we always pull through over the course of 38 games. 

Before we get into the teams overall game performances, let's see a few snippets of our best and worst games:


Best Games:



Both league fixtures against now relegated Real Zaragoza ended in 4-nil wins, with our main striker scoring 4 out of 8 goals including a hat-trick in the home game. Tied for games with most goals scored. 



Two early back to back wins against Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid surely contributed plenty to squad confidence and our eventual finishing place in the league table.

Worst games:


A dramatic fight against eventual league runner-ups Atletico Madrid saw us losing 3-2 despite what I feel was a slight advantage in our favour. This is the game with the most goals conceded. 


A run of poor form along January-Febuary led to us struggling and losing against bottom half Elche despite a clear superiority. 

And with those games out of the way, let's see how we did:




An impressive 3rd place finish, securing Champion's League football for the next season. Spurred on no doubt by my defensively tight tactic, conceding only 26 goals in 38 games, the best defense in the league. 


Unfortunately, our cup run would be put to an end earlier than last season. Going out after a tense game against Mallorca, playing with 10 men for over 100 minutes. 

Overall, a fantastic season and I cannot wait for the next to come along with a hefty budget. 

But of course, none of that would be possible without our players, and key among them were:



Mateo Pellegrino(67 OVR) 


The promising striker from last season, he's definitely grown and it shows in his contributions this season. A respectable 18 goals and 4 assists in 29 games. 


Adrià Villanova(61 OVR) 


An unexpected candidate, the rock in defense for our rotational second team. With 3 goals in 12 matches, there's no doubt that he has dragged us into a fair few wins. 


Konstantinos Mavropanos(67 OVR) 


It can only be described as fortunate that we were able to loan in such an impressive player at zero costs. Unfortunately, it was only possible as Mavropanos had been stricken by a season ending injury the previous season, and had declined. But class is class and in no time he proved himself in the La Liga and no doubt contributed heavily to our league best defense this season. 

Honourable mentions:

Andreu Alvarez(58 OVR) 


A new Andorran star, Andreu almost immediately found himself starting occasional games as my second choice LW. I am fully expecting him to grow beyond and establish himself as the first choice LW within 1-2 seasons. 

And with that, my write up for this season is done. As always, I hope you enjoyed reading, and good day all! 

Edit: I nearly forgot, but this season saw me win my first managerial award as well! Screenshot_2022-09-11-14-14-51-27_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.jpg.ce018b4db65a69ec8103a24044726360.jpg


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Season 4

So first season playing European football and as always I go in with tempered expectations, but can you blame me if I was feeling a little extra hopeful after the last few seasons we had? 

Well before we get into that, let's have little look at a few games of interest:


The best:

Screenshot_2022-09-13-16-58-15-84_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.jpg.427f402565679915af074a121ba20017.jpgAn impressive second leg performance against Barcelona after drawing them 2-2 saw us advance to the finals of the Copa del Rey. The game tied for most goals scored this season.

The worst:


Our first ever European match served as a wake-up call that this stage is simply beyond us at this moment. Tied for games with most goals conceded. 

After that quick look, let's head on to see how we did overall:




Once again finishing 3rd, unable to break into the duopoly of the Madrid clubs. This season was however more competitive than the last and we have ever so slightly improved on our stats from last season; scoring more goals, conceding less goals, and winning more points. 


However we did get off to a very rocky start that had me worried a little. 

Made worse by the early Champion's League games facing against this group of death. Screenshot_2022-09-13-17-03-24-81_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.jpg.f8a089c3c5e9a7ce11d53c8a74dcd840.jpg

Domestically, we made it to the semi-finals of the Spanish Super cup before getting knocked out from a 2-nil loss to Atletico Madrid. 

We did however, 


Lift the Copa del Rey after a shut-out performance against Real Madrid, winning our first domestic cup ever. 

And that about covers our successful season, and as always, we would not be successful if it weren't for these key players:



Peru Ruiz (69 OVR) 


Starting out originally as my second choice striker, Peru Ruiz has made a stake for being the first choice striker next season with his superb performances this season. Netting 24 goals and assisting 5 more in just 21 games. 


Ousmane Dembélé (79 OVR) 


Much like Mavropanos last season, it was incredible luck that we were able to bring in a nigh world class player in Dembélé. Though his form had slowed down near the end of the season, Dembélé was a shining beacon early on in the season. Most of his 9 goals and 8 assists over 29 games came early on in the season, including a hat-trick against Alavés. He was this season's top playmaker. 


Mateo Pellegrino (69 OVR) 


Our former MVP from last season, unfortunately Pellegrino spent most of this season struggling to find consistent goals. Even spending over a month out on injury nearing the end of the season. Nevertheless, his contributions have been vital, with 15 goals and a single assist in 26 games. 

Honourable mentions:

Andreu Álvarez (66 OVR) 


Our Andorran wonderkid from last season has developed well in the reserves, contributing 12 goals and 19 assists in 32 games for F.C. Androrra's B team. I intend to make him a full time member of the A team next season, either as my second choice, with Thior being sold to bring in a stronger first choice, or Andreu will start as my first choice LW. With the opportunity of this being his breakout season. 

With that done, I have nothing else to add and as always I hope it has been an enjoyable read and good day everyone! 

P.S: I won another manager of the year award. 

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Season 5

Alright, our third season in La Liga saw us starting off with a slightly weaker but more balanced squad than previous years. Less of a gap between the best player on my team and the worst, my second choices for each position not being a whole lot worse than my first choices, a decent youth team back up third choice for each position, and most importantly, only 3 loans brought in. 

The foundation for F.C. Andorra's domination has been laid. Now it's only a matter of time and luck. 

Well, moving on, let's take a look at some interesting games this season:


Biggest win:


Our biggest win so far in this career would come against now 14th place Elche. The highlight being a poker from lead striker Ruiz. 

Biggest loss: 


A 3-1 loss to a dangerous Real Madrid side in the Spanish Supercup semi-finals would see us suffer our biggest loss this season. 

Our worse run of form would be 4 games without a win in early December, 


And our best run of form would be an incredible 18 games undefeated starting from February 21.

With those individual games out of the way, let's see how our overall season went:




We won the league! For the first time in this career and in F.C. Andorra's history!

Thanks to both Madrid clubs have an off-season and our offense this season clicking much better and more consistently, we were able to secure the league quite handily with a 9 point lead.

But credit must be given to Atlético this season, who were led by a lethal striking duo of João Felix and Dominic Calvert-Lewin who contributed to 64 league goals combined in the league. 

Our Supercopa run was brought to an end by Real Madrid as noted earlier,


And our Copa del Rey run was cut short by an unexpectedly plucky Málaga side that won out on penalties. 

Our CL run saw us topping our group undefeated against Arsenal, AEK, and Borussia Dortmund, who unexpected finished the stage last despite being led by a prime Haaland. 

We would then go on to knock out teams such as Milan, Man City, and Bayern. 


Before eventually succumbing to a PSG side carried by a clinical Kylian Mbappé. 

And of course such a performance from our team was only made possible by players such as 


1st. (8.12) / Top Goalscorer. 

Peru Ruiz (69 OVR) 


A very familiar face, not much more can be said about this goal-scoring animal. With great physicality, great attacking positioning, and the ability to force in goals. He has scored 30 goals and assisted 8 more in 32 games this season. 

2nd. (8.00)

Kang-In Lee (70 OVR) 


Brought in at the start of the season for a ridiculously low price of 4.2m, the talented South Korean has established himself as a true La Liga quality player. Contributing to 17 goals this season in just 24 games, unfortunately his playing time was cut short by injuries. 

3rd. (7.90)

Mateo Pellegrino (70 OVR) 


While last season saw him struggling for consistency, this season Pellegrino might have just about convinced me to promote him back as first choice striker. Scoring 22 goals and further chipping in with 6 assists in 22 games, he has maintained a higher goal contribution per game than Ruiz. 

Top Playmaker. 

Lutsharel Geertruida (67 OVR) 


One of our three loaned in players, Geertuida has certainly impressed with 11 assists and 2 goals in 32 games while playing as right wingback. As a proven quality, he might be signed on a permanent transfer next season. 

Honourable mentions:

Konstantinos Mavropanos (67 OVR) 


One of our top performers two seasons ago in our first ever La Liga venture. The search for a permanent option at right centreback eventually led me back to this gem who was brought in for just 7.25m. 

Miguel Vales (64 OVR) 


A young prodigy following along in footsteps of fellow countryman Andreu Álvarez, and much better at 17 than Andreu was. He'll take over from Thior as second choice LW, behind Andreu who's imbedded himself as the first choice LW. 

That about covers everything, but before I bid my farewell, let's look at some more miscellaneous information:




After winning the league, my reputation shot up from 3.5 to 4.5 stars. Our facilities are top notch as well now, after consistent meetings with the board asking for improvements. Our 5 star youth facilities in particular excite me. 



Some manager and overall team stats here, hopefully I'll be able to improve on it all over the years. 


And a quick mention on our affiliate, Castellón from the Valencian region down south, who've won promotion from the fourth tier of Spanish football to the third, no doubt with plenty of aid from our young players loaned there. Hopefully they have a successful run in the third tier and eventually even win promotion to the second tier. 

That concludes this update, and as always, 

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good day! 

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Season 6

Our team is begining to shape up very well with some youth prospects developing very nicely and making the step up to the A team. However I am worried slightly about my goals with the Andorran national team, and the Andorran players themselves. My youth academy hasn't been producing a whole lot of players, although I must concede that the few players that have come through have been quality. All this means is that the Andorra national team remains unplayable and my goal of dominating club football with Andorran players might stay out of reach for a while. 

With my worries out of the way let's move on to a little look at some notable games. 



Biggest win:


An impressive 6-1 victory against now relegated Bilbao saw Pellegrino net a re-poker, no doubt leading him to grasp the Trofeo Pichichi this season. 

Biggest loss: 


Taking the title of not just the most goals conceded this season, but for the entirety of this career. A very poor defensive showing. 

Our worse run of games would once again be a 4 game period, starting from late April


Interestingly, this 4 game goalless drought came after our best run this season from February 20th to April 20th going 12 games undefeated. 

With that appetizer done, let us move on to to the main course:




Once again, we have won the league while further improving upon our performance from last season with 6 more goals scored and 1 less conceded and 5 more points won. 

And just like last season, I'd like to segue into a little segment on what I consider our main competitors, the two clubs from Madrid. 

Club Atlético de Madrid:


The three top performers for Atlético this season would be an unexpected rejuvenated 31 year old Thomas Lemar, elite poacher Dominic Calvert-Lewin, and one of the best creative forwards of his generation, João Felix. 

Thomas Lemar (68 OVR) 


Dominic Calvert-Lewin (74 OVR) 


João Felix (80 OVR) 


With attacking players of such shining quality, it's no wonder why their goal tally is so high. 

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol:


Real Madrid, by comparison had a more volatile season, with players rotated all around the place. I couldn't find a core trio that Real relied on, like I did with Atletico, but I did find a single player carrying Madrid through this tough times. The player with the most appearances and goal contributions this season for Real. 

Vinícius Júnior (80 OVR) 


One of the best wingers in the world, and at just 26, here he is still at Real Madrid admirably fighting for his club. May he stay at Real for much longer, and cement himself as a true club legend. 

With that out of the way, let us move on to our domestic cup performances:


A close game against Atlético with a wondergoal from João Felix being the decider, Atlético would then go on to win the Supercopa in a devastating 5-1 showing against underdogs Elche who did well to get to the finals. 



We would win the Copa del Rey later on in the season. In a close but comfortable against Sevilla. 

In Europe, we would end our group with 5 wins and a single loss against the likes of PAOK, Porto, and Roma. 

And then a successful run defeating Liverpool 3-2 on aggregate, Milan 4-3 on aggregate, and drawing Atlético Madrid 2-2 before advancing on penalties, would lead us to the finals against Manchester City. 


A controversial final, some may say. We were looking much like the worse team for the first 25 minutes, until a red card for Achraf Hakimi left the Citizens with 10 men. But they still fought hard and dragged the game out to extra time and almost to penalties if it wasn't for an amazing curled free-kick from Kang-In Lee. 

But we won our first Champion's League title! 👏

With our team performance out of the way, let us focus now on individual performances:


1st. (8.16) / Tied Top Goalscorer. 

Peru Ruiz (69 OVR) 


Needless to say, our goal-scoring beast has produced yet another top season. Netting 32 goals and assisting 2 more in just 24 games as my second choice striker, he is incredibly consistent and a vital driving force for my second team. 

2nd. (7.79) / Tied Top Goalscorer. 

Matteo Pellegrino (70 OVR) 


Performing slightly worse than Ruiz, but understandably so as he had to face tougher opposition as part of my first team. He too has scored 32 goals this season, but with 2 more assists for a total of 4 in 34 games. Admittedly, I have been somewhat disappointed with Pellegrino's performances over the past few seasons, so he might be sold off this summer as I either look to bring in a world-class striker or promote Ruiz to a more permanent first choice ST role and let a promising youngster take the second choice ST role. 

3rd. (7.64) 

Milutin Vidosavljević (68 OVR


Unfortunately Kang-In Lee suffered a few month long injuries this season, but a silver lining was second choice Milutin stepping up and performing in his stead. With 13 assists and 4 goals in 25 games to his name this season, Milutin has definitely proved his ability here. 

Top Playmaker. 

Andreu Álvarez (75 OVR) 


Our Andorran star has made his mark this season, contributing 15 assists and 5 goals in 33 games this season. However, I have greater expectations of this young man and hope he enjoys further success in the coming seasons. 

Honourable mention:

Ángel Luis Ponz (71 OVR) 


Young Spanish wingback Ponz has certainly had quite a breakout season this year, being brought back from loan and chosen to be my first choice LWB in winter. Since then, he has supplied 9 assists, the third most this season, in 19 games, averaging a 7.63 rating. 

Once again, let us have a look at some miscellaneous information:




Finally maxed out on reputation and facilities, looks like F.C. Andorra domination is about to begin now! 


Add on a healthy financial budget that will only grow year after year as we win more titles and trophies. 


Although I would have liked better dynamics, I'll just have to be glad that there are no negatives here. 

And before we go on, a quick look at our affiliate Castellón


Who managed an impressive 5th place finish, unfortunately being knocked out in the play-off semi finals by Alaves. 

Now before I bring this to a close, I'd like to ask this community if you would like to have a little Wonderkids of 2027 write up, where I'll go around scouting for the 22 best wonderkids in the game at my current year. It might be an interesting look into the greater world of my save beyond just F.C. Andorra and the Spanish league. 

And with that, I hope to hear back from you all and I hope you all have a good day! 

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5 hours ago, sscout said:

Now before I bring this to a close, I'd like to ask this community if you would like to have a little Wonderkids of 2027 write up, where I'll go around scouting for the 22 best wonderkids in the game at my current year. It might be an interesting look into the greater world of my save beyond just F.C. Andorra and the Spanish league. 

I'd be interested - I did a 30 year career on this year's game and was looking at who turned out 'good'. Two that I remember clearly were Lewandowski's regen and Moriba's regen... Messi and Ronaldo's were nowhere to be seen! Well, not nowhere but their impact was much, much less

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I'll release a season 10 edition of the list but nothing for now, however I am glad to hear that you'd wanna see it! 

And now it's time for me to do my season 7 write up. 

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2 hours ago, sscout said:

I'll release a season 10 edition of the list

Like @StuartM - I’d also be interested in seeing that. My preference would be to see how real players (wonderkids) have developed, instead of regens, but of course it’s your choice 🙂 

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Season 7

We're quite a few seasons in and we've definitely established ourselves as a world class team at this point. 

So I'd just like to quickly review the starting goals I set back then:

  • An Andorran player with 1000 goals scored over the course of his career. 
  • Lift the World Cup with the Andorran National Team. 
  • Win the Euros with the Andorran National Team. 
  • Win a domestic treble with a First XI consisting entirely of Andorran players. 

1. I have a few prospects on the rise, but I think the player who will end up being used for this challenge won't show up for 5 seasons more, at least. Not because the young Andorran strikers I have are bad, but because I still feel like I need to first secure the Andorran national team seat and further strengthen my team. 

2. I haven't gotten the Andorran national team job yet, it's currently being managed by Tashin Team and his job status is very secure despite losing every game since he's been given the job. 

3. Refer to 2.

4. As of last season, I have 3 Andorran players in my A team. Andreu Álvarez who's my starting LW and Miguel Vales and Ion Puga, who are my second choice LW and second choice RW respectively. 

Ideally, I want to get started on all of these goals within 3 seasons, but I give myself a max limit of 5 seasons. Especially with the 1k goals attempt, if I haven't started on that within 5 seasons, then it might just be too late for me to succeed before the 30 season limit is hit. 

Well with that out of the way, let's just dive right into how we did this season:




The league was completely dominated by the well oiled F.C. Andorra machine. Seeing our best performance yet, going undefeated and winning all games but 4. While we beat the conventionally high scoring Atlético team in goals scored, Real Madrid had an outstanding haul this season with 11 more goals than us. 


The annual La Liga awards would be a clean F.C. Andorra sweep. 

And as for the domestic cups, 


A clinical performance from our new star striker would lead to us lifting the Supercup over Real Madrid. 


And once more, a hard fought battle will led by Nando Monsálvez would again shoot down Real Madrid and have us crowned as the Kings of Spain. 

In the UEFA Champion's League, we would handily get through our group stage consisting of Chelsea, Marseille, and AZ Alkmaar. 

Going on to defeat Dortmund, Leipzig, and Real Madrid before landing ourselves in a final against Paris Saint-Germain. 


Where a brilliant performance from our side would lead us to being crowned champions of Europe. 

As always, these grand feats would not be possible would our grand players, with a noticeable jump in overall quality this season. Let's take a look at a few of them now:



1st. / Top Goalscorer. 

Nando Monsálvez (76 OVR) 


An unbelievable breakout season from the young forward. Being in unstoppable form, he scored 41 goals and not a single assist in just 27 games. Hopefully he's able to continue on this form come next season and break records. 


Matteo Pellegrino (70 OVR) 


Not much more needs to be said about this mainstay of my A team. He has stepped down gracefully and let Nando take over his first choice striker role and continued to perform consistently as second choice giving us 24 goals and an assist in 27 games. 

3rd. / Top Playmaker. 

Andreu Álvarez (78 OVR) 


It has been an absolute joy to see one of our very own blossom into an undeniably world class player. He will no doubt serve as the foundation upon which the Andorran national team will succeed. But at the moment, he's only played u-21 games, which I hope to change once I get the manager's seat. For club, he has assisted 17 goals and scored 5 himself in 35 games. 

Honourable mentions:

Carles Escura (67 OVR) 


Although he might not be able to breakthrough into the A team any time soon, Carles is no doubt the best Andorran striker currently playing. He has also proved himself lethal at our affiliate Castellón, banging in 27 goals and creating 5 more in 31 games. 

Jakob Knudsen (76 OVR) 


The young Danish full-back has been immense this season creating 15 assists in 35 season only behind Andreu Álvarez. But even taking away his offensive contribution, he has been a rock in defense dominating the right flank and no doubt playing a part in our undefeated season. 

And having our appreciation to our players, let's have a look at a few minor detail before before I bring this to a close:




Our dynamics are looking much better overall, but


First choice RCM Koopmeiners is causing quite a stir with his ambition. 



A little comparison from season 5 shows that we have definitely improved all across the board in general. 

And as for our affiliate, 


They did admirably to secure 3rd position in the league, but could not secure promotion into the second division this season. 

And with that, I will this write-up to an end. As always, thank you for reading and I hope you have a good day! 

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Season 8

It's been a bit of a slow season this time round so I'll mostly be focusing on other miscellaneous stuff like the Andorran players. It's gonna be a pretty short update so let us get right into it:




Another invincible season from our boys, but with a few worrying trends. A lot less goals conceded, but also a lot less goals scored. Our goal difference this season hasn't changed drastically from the last, but we definitely dropped quite a few points from a lack of goals. But of course, when there's a will there's a way. With a little tweaking and tinkering, I hope to be back scoring high again next season. 


The Spanish Supercup was won after an exciting penalty shootout against a plucky Osasuna side. 


While the Copa del Rey was won fairly easily against a Celta Vigo side that did well to upset Atlético in the quarter finals, but otherwise had easy draws. 


And we were crowned champions of Europe once again with a typical Nando goal. 

And now onto our key players:



1st. / Top Goalscorer 

Nando Monsálvez (78 OVR) 


Once again grabbing top spot, surprisingly Nando wasn't able to surpass his past season's performance. Only netting 40 goals and 3 assists in 41 games this season. I do hope that once I've got my tactic fixed up, the goals start pouring in for him next season. 


Peru Ruiz (71 OVR) 


After two seasons spent in our B team, Screenshot_2022-09-20-19-13-27-70_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.jpg.f2e85f979e88b9bcca283c4f9c91628a.jpgReplaced by Nando. Ruiz sprung back into the A team after former second choice striker Matteo Pellegrini moved to Arsenal for 25.5M. And very quickly did he adjust into playing up to La Liga standards, netting 18 goals and 2 assists in just 17 games. 


Pablo Martínez Penas


Much like fellow Spanish fullback Ángel Luis Ponz two seasons ago, Penas has had an incredible breakout season this year, cementing himself as my second choice LWB with consistent performances down the flank. Managing to also grab 5 assists and a goal in addition to his defensive contributions. 

Top Playmaker. 

Andreu Álvarez (78 OVR) 


Although he has underperformed somewhat this season, Andreu has once again topped our assists chart with 16 assists in 39 games, and not a single goal scored. I'm hoping he has a much better season next time. 

No honourable mentions this time around sadly. 


And a neat little miscellaneous section before I bid my farewell:


For this update, I'll be focusing on the Andorran players we've developed over the last 8 seasons and take a glance at the strength of the national team. Note that while the national team is now playable, I haven't taken over as Tashim Tam still remains at the helm. 


Jose Juncosa (66 OVR) 


Jose Magno (60 OVR) 



Hugo Valera (71 OVR) 


Hugo Peris (67 OVR) 


Andreu Álvarez (60 OVR) 



Alex Magno (62 OVR) 



Andreu Álvarez (78 OVR) 


Miguel Vales (73 OVR) 


Ion Puga (71 OVR) 


Carles Escura (67 OVR) 


Toni Juncosa (61 OVR) 


Great quality in attack, decent defense, but awful midfield. At least we know where to focus on when it comes to player development now. 

And of course a quick mention on our affiliate Castellón


Who finished second in their league and won promotion to the second division right below us. 


For the sake of my players' development I hope their reputation and facilities improve soon. 

And with that I'll be going off now, good day to all and I hope it was an enjoyable read! 

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Season 9

Yet another slow-ish season, but there's definitely been some notable developments here and there. Unfortunately no Andorran job yet, and to add salt to the wound, I somehow missed the fact they fired their old manager and just got a new manager. But hey, we've got time. 

Well let's get to it now, shall we:




After two seasons of unbeaten glory, a 2-1 loss from Valencia in early February saw our streak broken. 

But aside from that one hiccup, our performance this season has been outstanding and our best so far. 



The Supercopa came home after a close but unsurprising 2-1 win over Atlético. 


And the Copa del Rey in the bag after a convincing 2-0 win over Real Madrid. 

And our continental conquest went well with wins against Milan, Liverpool, and Arsenal landing us against Juventus in the finals. 


Which we won just about. 


And as always, our campaign flourishes on the backs of our players. So let us have a look at some of our most important players:




Victor James (77 OVR) 


The young swede has quickly rose through the ranks after joining us last season, eventually being recalled from his loan in the winter transfer window to join us as the second choice, supplanting Peru Ruiz. He has since scored 13 goals and assisted 2 more in a mere 13 games. I see a bright future for James as he is right on track to surpass Nando as the first choice. 

2nd. / Top Goalscorer. 

Nando Monsálvez (78 OVR) 


Coming in with his best season so far, Nando has blown away all awards with an incredible 48 goals and 9 assists in 39 games. But of course, he doesn't have much long until James overtakes him. 

3rd. / Top Playmaker. 

Miguel Vales (79 OVR) 


Our second choice LW just behind Andreu Álvarez, while Vales hasn't completely surpassed Andreu quite yet he is close to it and this season is proof of that. With 16 assists and 6 goals this season in just 24 goals, Vales has had quite the magician's touch. 

Honourable mentions:

Jose Juncosa (74 OVR) 


Not the best goalkeeper at my club just yet, Juncosa is however, the best Andorran goalkeeper by a huge margin and he might yet grow into first choice soon. Here's hoping. 

And a quick look at our affiliate and other such miscellaneous information before I end this short update:




Great improvement all across the board here, 


And as for our affiliate, I might've made a slight mistake last season when I said they got promoted. As they're still in the third tier here and just about barely finished 8th this season. 

And with that, it's time for me to end this update. I hope y'all enjoyed reading and have a good day! 

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You're smashing through these seasons... points and time wise!

The playing staff is coming along nicely too. Is OVR from your scoring tool?

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Seasons 10 to 13

Alright it's been a while since I've updated but fret not, this career is still well under way. I just decided to update in batches from now on as a way to speed things up so I'm able to finish in time to move on to FMM23. 

I am also happy to say that I've made significant progress in several of my goals; I've found an Andorran striker wonderkid to attempt a 1k goal challenge with and I've taken over the Andorran national team now. Additionally, I'm now starting on a new plan to move on all the non-Andorran players and have F.C Andorra consist of only Andorran players. 

Well without much further ado, let's get right into it. Ah but before there, I have to put a disclaimer I don't have any screenshots of the past season. Well with that out of the way, let's have a look at:





Continuing on our domination from past seasons, we've won the league non-stop the last 3 year. Although our goal-scoring has take a little bit of a bit due to prioritizing my 1k Andorran wonderkid JGG as my main offensive output. 

Domestically we won both cups continuously, 



But continentally, Screenshot_2022-09-28-15-20-07-26_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.jpg.ea561593a486fa658c52dd26411d327c.jpg

While we won 30/31's Champions League title, we would go on to perform shockingly in the group stages the next season which would land us in Europa League, which we would then go on to win. And a final match which we unfortunately lost in our latest season. 


On a minor note, we did win every UEFA Super Cup the last 3 seasons. 



This is gonna be a bit of a short section for the time being as I've only just took over the national team on my 13th and latest season. 

But it is still exciting regardless as we are right now in the world cup qualifiers and


Top of the table with 4 wins. 

Hopefully this section has more details for the next few seasons. 

And a look at some of our key players, including our 1k goal challenge protagonist:




José Garcia González (77 OVR) 


The undoubted MVP of the last three seasons and the star of our 1000 goals challenge attempt. 


151 goals for club, with 20 assists in his senior career and an additional 11 goals from his insofar short international career under my reign. 



Kang-In Lee (74 OVR) 


A player whose refusal to give in to injuries has been inspirational. He's been plagued over the last 3 seasons with constant month long injuries. He would often decline and lose his starting place, but it would never take long for him to get back into top shape and challenge for that first choice spot. 

Assisting 47 goals and scoring 23 more in 95 games over the past 3 seasons. 


Miguel Vales (82 OVR) 


Andorra's best player, Vales had a slow start overshadowed by fellow Andorran winger Andreu Álvarez but he has grown immensely over the past 3 seasons and grabbed that starting LW spot. He has 39 assists and 19 goals in 86 games for club in this time period. 

Honourable mentions:

Victor James (82 OVR) 


The super sub that's thrown in every game to keep JGG fit and healthy to play the most games every season, Victor has done incredibly with what little opportunities he's been presented with often only playing 30 minutes per match. Regardless, he still went on to score 86 goals and assisted 12 more in 151 games over the last 3 seasons. 

Alex Magno (75 OVR) 


A fascinating player who originally started off his career as an amateur greyed out player, I never would have guessed that he could grow this much when I offered him his first professional contract. He's spent most of his career out on loan at our affiliate Castellón, but his growth caught my eye and now here he is as my starting LCM. 

Hugo Valera (78 OVR) 


My starting RCB for both club and country, young Valera here has quickly established himself as a defensive backbone I can rely on to keep things tight at the back. 

Jose Palau (74 OVR) 


Our future locked on starting RW for club and country, Palau has yet to play a game for our senior club side, but that is surely to change over the next few seasons. 

With all that out of the way let me mention some quick miscellaneous notes:





Manager stats have definitely improved further, higher GF p/m and a slightly lower GA p/m. 


What a trophy cabinet for a club that had such humble beginnings in the third tier. 


Dynamics look incredible, but morale went down a touch from A after I sold Alfie Devine off which my players believe was a bad decision, but hey what do they know. 


And our affiliate has firmly established itself as a Segunda team over the last 3 seasons. They're not quite the most amazing, but I still do feel proud for their success and our players that were loaned there. 

And with that the conclusion for this update is nearing but before that I want to say a quick work about the Season 10 former wonderkids list I've been teasing for so long. 

I have a backup save at season 10 that I am intending to revisit real soon to write up that list, so yes it is still on! But I can't promise that it'll be out anytime soon. 

Thank you all for reading, I hope it has been enjoyable, and have a good day everybody! 


Edited by sscout
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On 21/09/2022 at 19:48, StuartM said:

You're smashing through these seasons... points and time wise!

The playing staff is coming along nicely too. Is OVR from your scoring tool?

It's no secret on the discord server that my tool is a big help to me haha, but yep that's where the OVR scores come from. 

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Season 10 Former Wonderkids (Part 1)

My methodology for this list is based off who are the most valuable real players between the age of 25-29, so there might be a few missing names. 


Alejandro Iturbe (71 OVR) 


The young Spaniard spent most of his career at Atlético unable to break into the first team with loan spells at Austrian and Serbian clubs. Before Olympique Lyonnais jumped in with some clever business and snagged him for just £15.25M three seasons ago, where he then went on to slot in as the first choice keeper conceding 152 goals in 134 games. 

Anatolii Trubin (70 OVR) 


An interesting case of a wonderkid who might've just perhaps flopped a little. Trubin was bought by Real Madrid in the 26/27 season for the significant price of £39.5M, but only played as a back up for most of his time there. Playing only 29 games from 2026 to 2030. But just when it seemed like he was money wasted, Anatolii burst out as the starting keeper for the 30/31 season and he knocked it out of the park conceding just 29 goals in 42 appearances. 


Joško Gvardiol (76 OVR) 


A truly world class defender, Gvardiol interestingly spent most of his career at RB Liepzig until his very recent transfer to Manchester City this season for a whopping £125M.  

Adrián Corral (73 OVR) 


Somewhat of a one club player before his 30/31 £110M big money move to Manchester United, Adrián spent most of his career at Atlético. Incidentally, his career only really took off after he spent a season on loan with us back during the 24/25 season. 

Tanguy Nianzou (74 OVR) 


Moving to Liverpool for £39.5M early on in his career during the 24/25 season at just 23 years of age. Tanguy went on to establish himself as a decent starter for the PL side. 

Illia Zabarnyi (73 OVR) 


Illia moved to Juventus for a sizeable sum of €61M during the 25/26 season, and since then has established himself, much like Tanguy, as a decent starter for the Serie A team. 

Destiny Udogie (70 OVR) 


Moving from Udinese to Juventus during the 26/27 season for £40M, the Italian fullback has been a solid mainstay of the Serie A team. 

Luca Netz (74 OVR) 


A rare instance of a loyal player, Luca has stayed all 10 seasons at Borussia Mönchengladbach all the while remaining a top level fullback. No doubt he is well on his way to establish himself as a Gladbach legend. 

And that's it for part 1! I wanted to show some right footed fullbacks too, but for some reason there are no decent right backs in my save, sadly. 

Thanks for reading and good day to you 

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After a long long break, here's a quick update. Now I'll be honest, I have grown a little weary and I'm not too enthusiastic about this career as when I first started. But I am going to see this through to the end, albeit at the cost of a little bit of quality in my posts from here on out. 





No surprises here, but the CL has proven to be somewhat elusive recently. 






Internationally, we've had a decent run the last few years. Making it to the world cup semi finals, but failing to clinch 3rd place. Most recently, we also managed to get to the quarterfinals of the Euros


But a narrow loss to Italy saw us knocked out there. 

Currently we are in group 1 of the UEFA Nations League B and ranked 47th in the world. 

And last but not least, a look at our 1k goal hero:




Just about entering his golden years. 


Indeed his stats last season were his best too, and I can only bet that it will get better over the next 6 or so years. 

That brings his tally up to 374 goals in 390 games for club and country. 



Well, that's about it really. As I've said earlier, I have lost a bit of excitement for this career. But I see no reason to just leave it unfinished so here goes. Hope y'all enjoyed reading and hope y'all have a good day. 

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This has been an amazing career! Really hope you see it through to the end. I'm trying something similar in an attempt to revive the new Palermo team. Finding LLM one hell of a challenge in this game though.

Look forward to seeing your closing seasons!

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