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Career Everton F.C - Rebuild(Sort of..)


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I decided to manage Everton because they are a massive club who have been struggling in recent years. They finished last year in 16th & find themselves there again after 6x matches this year. With some different recruitment & tactics, can I improve on last season's final standings?


As seen, Everton's infrastructure is Superb as you would think for a club who have been in the Premiership for this long. Their 1st Team & Youth facilities are Superb. Their stadium, Goodison Park holds over 39,000 supporters & this looks to be easily reached most weeks!



Training has been delegated to my Assistant Manager Duncan Ferguson. I improved the Staff room by making sure the Scouts & Physios were all Gold Standard. Finances are very healthy, which is due to a lot of releases & player exchange deals.



As is normal in my saves, I review the squad, see if area's can be improved, remove the deadwood & look to sign new talent. The players in consisted of players that fit my criteria - GK players had to be good(10+) at GK attributes with Outfield players being the best we could afford in PACE,STAMINA & STRENGTH. Most of the deadwood was released, exchanged, sold or loaned out to avoid a negative dressing room.




I used a slightly adapted version of my Pep Guardiola tactic from FC Barcelona 2010/11. The tactic was impressive, leading to a 14 game unbeaten streak! It was also incredibly strong defensively! New signing Ivan Toney was a revolation in his "Messi" false 9 role.



The result of my season as Everton FC manager was surprising & breathtaking. In real life, Everton FC scraped Premier League survival with a 16th place finish. On FMM22, I managed to achieve a Caraboa Cup victory as well as a 2nd place finish in the Premier League! We started off shaky & inconsistent but grew into the league massively with hope comming from big wins to Man City which suggested we were in the running for a strong finish. 

The reasons for success were FINANCES, TRANSFERS & TACTICS used. We bought the best players who matched our attributes at the best prices. We tried to  exchanged players no longer required for players wanted by ourselves. The tweaked tactic was unbelievable, leaving opposition defenders confused & with a snakey attacker in Toney, Richarlison & Kean who would ruthlessly punish the enemy!

I know in real life Everton had big injury problems plus low confidence from poor form that spiralled. That said, maybe a different system & better deals in the transfer market MAY have improved the end result.


Last Season:-









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9 hours ago, 56REDDOT said:

Yo nice career mate

Thank you so much my friend.

8 hours ago, fotakis276718 said:

Great job and this one is believable!! One question.. why you choose Toney over the very good choice of Calvert Lewin?

Very good point. I bought Toney as a way of strengthening this position. That said, either player would have been successful in this role BUT Toney is a bit pacier & harder to play against & honestly was outstanding all season. 

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Could've loved to try this kind of career ...but just seems I have broke the game ..like I have a lot of tactics which just produce results and some insane amount of goals.....so it just looks boring nowadays to me......imagine be dominating man city in possession while in league 1 ....BTW nice career mate

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On 08/09/2022 at 23:15, 56REDDOT said:

Could've loved to try this kind of career ...but just seems I have broke the game ..like I have a lot of tactics which just produce results and some insane amount of goals.....so it just looks boring nowadays to me......imagine be dominating man city in possession while in league 1 ....BTW nice career mate

Thank you so much mate. It takes a long time to find the right club, situation etc. Hopefully FMM23 is better still.

23 hours ago, AYB said:

How’d you get moise kean back?

I just recalled him back from loan. Definitely one of my better players this season so the move to loan him in real life is now surprising to me.

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