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Career Cockers takes on the Quadruple with Man Utd


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So I have read the challenge, and the chat about whether you could win the quadruple and I will NOT be making any transfers, but I will be bringing players back, Van Der Beek for example, and I will NOT be playing with Fred, sorry but half the reserves will get in before him.

@Uncleseekx  has set the challenge, maybe mine won’t be Mcfred as I said Fred will NOT be playing, but I will simply use all others available to me, and will emphasise I will use the CB corner rule to get those few more vital goals, so Maguire might just do well.

I start as I said, no transfer so picking Only England and Man Utd, and let’s see how I get on, the Formation is simple, I have been playing with a few and this is the one I will stick with.

Playing a high wing back and a normal wing back, playing an wide If and a high IF, a CD and BPD with 3 in the middle of the park, one of these playing an attacking role. With this formation and using ‘Shoot on site’ usually prevents much from the striker, so poacher will do for this role, simple.


Utd it is and a simple 1 season challenge to enjoy.


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First part in, 17 games gone and I am 6 points behind Chelsea with a game in hand, lost 2 silly games that I was controlling, but didn’t expect a season of not losing.


So Rashford is loving the ‘Shoot form anywhere’ basically, Maguire has 6 using the Corner rule for only him in the box, other goals are distributed well, as mentioned not much from the Striker role with these settings


Assists are coming in well from the attacking positions, Pogba playing in the AM midfield, as ancho attacking right and Rashford left.


To be continued




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As you said, having Fred in the midfield isn't good, having McFred is a recipe for disaster hence I myself didn't even try the challenge. I'm going to try it with both of them now though. Don't know if it's cheating but I'll be starting with the game's first attributes for everybody so Ronaldo will still have 15 pace unlike the 13 the game gave him after the update . Which will also have Mason Greenwood 👀

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7 hours ago, Uncleseekx said:

As you said, having Fred in the midfield isn't good, having McFred is a recipe for disaster hence I myself didn't even try the challenge. I'm going to try it with both of them now though. Don't know if it's cheating but I'll be starting with the game's first attributes for everybody so Ronaldo will still have 15 pace unlike the 13 the game gave him after the update . Which will also have Mason Greenwood 👀

I don’t think there is such a cheat, if you have a different version because you haven’t updated then you play with what you have, simple, the team are still as good as the stats they have, Fred for me is not a worthy player for my formation, so he will if anything play a handle full of games unless sold, good luck if you do give it a try

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Update, so I had Liverpool in the Carabao Semi, clinched it over the 2 legs finally knocking them out with a Victor Lindelof goal in 112 minute to win aggregate 3-2


So the final came against Tottenham at Wembley, can this be the first of 4 Trophies.

A single goal by Ronaldo in the 88th minute clinched the Caraboa Cup, the challenge is on!


At this stage in the league, I had done well in regards to a good winning streak, as you can see since my loss to Chelsea in November, I won every game home and away (except a draw with Arsenal) until losing my next game away against Everton in March the year after, and that included beating Chelsea 4-0, beating Liverpool and Real Madrid in the other cups.




to be continued

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Update, good game against arch rivals City, a 2-0 win makes us continue to well in the league


The Champions league gets closer to winning with a 4-2 aggregate score against Inter over 2 legs.


The Final is about to come up, with Juventus being our opponents 


The second part is done, we clinch the League with Manchester City being closet, but some way off on points


The Awards come in for a good season so far,

Marcus Rashford earns English Players' Player of the Year

Jaden Sancho earns English Players' Young Player of the Year

Rashford, Lingard, Lindolof and Maguire make the Team of the Year

I don't win it, but come in the Top 3 Manager of the Year






European Champions Cup

Zebre Vs Man Utd


Worrying times at the 74th minute when Luke Shaw gets himself sent off with the score at 1-1, we held out and clinched the winner to make it 1-2 with Martial getting another in the 61st minute


Come the end, 50% each but we clinch it with the 2 goals, and that is number 3 in Cups, only one to go


4th and Final Cup, this is to take the Challenge to the end, FA Cup final against Liverpool

Very close game, 0-1, the 0-2, Liverpool pull one back to make it 1-2, thought it was all over on the 65th minute when we make it 1-3, Salah makes it a close end on the 81st scoring, but it finishes 2-3 and we have clinched the 4th trophy of the season


Anthony Martial steps up to claim the man of the match with 2 goals, it's all over, we clinch every trophy possible and the Challenge is mine


The Fixtures from the beginning, as you can see I had a blip between October and beginning of November, but the results after it was good enough to help clinch the league.

Some results to mention:

1-5 away to Watford

7-1 Home to Sheff Wed in the cup

2-1 Home win against City

6-0 Home win against Burnley

4-0 Home win against Chelsea

0-4 away against Porto in Europe










As I claimed, no transfers made, kept the same team to make it even more of a challenge, only Phil Jones was sold and the rest was Loans out.




Manager Stats

Lost 3 games throughout the season which is a good run considering the Tactic I chose to play with, all the CD and BPD was excellent.




Team Stats:

Goals: Rashford did well with 17 goals, both Maguire and Lindelof help with the Corner role to get in double figures each

As I guessed, the striker in Ronaldo and Cavani didn't really do anything for me, Martial also played the Poacher but again didn't really make an impact on the goals.




Fernandes and Sancho did ok with Pogba creating the main assists.



Av. Ratings:

Maguire was the surprise package, but the rest of the team did well with my Tactics, all getting a good average rating.



So the Challenge is over, you can win the Quadruple with Manchester United and without making any Transfers, but as I stated, Fred was not welcome, the Midfield can be improved if you firstly offer Pogba a new contract, and play a tactic that works for the whole team.

So I continued into the second Season, STILL didn't make ANY transfers, just kept on going:

Firstly Community Shield Cup against Man City, another cup under my belt with a 2-3 win.


Then came the Euro. Super Cup, number 5 Cup with a good win, 0-2 against Real San Sebastian.


Season 2 Stats:

So another 2 Cups to add, so 6 in total with no transfers, only Jones and fred sold.





Even Maguire is getting Plaudits for his performances


Must of done well, because they decided I deserved the World Coach of the Year!!!!!


Good Score, I know it's against Oxford, but Ronaldo did well with 4 at 37 years old


IT'S ALL OVER, I have continue to try and win the Quadruple again in season 2, but I could say it is still on with the Community and Super cup, but losing in the Carabao Cup to Liverpool in the Quarter Finals ends this chance to do it for the second season. The Final table shows I am 1st with 42 points, losing only the 1 game against Liverpool away 3-2.



Season 2 Fixtures, considering I was doing well in the League, the Challenge is over losing to Liverpool, but up to that point, the league was going so well, also the Champions league results was going my way, Barca being the thorn in my side with 0-0 for both games.





Thanks to all for reading, another Challenge over, what is next, any suggestions?????




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On 18/09/2022 at 22:26, Legend288 said:
On 17/09/2022 at 20:09, Cockers2505 said:


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Nice results. Can you post full tactic?


Nothing special, something I have been working on with my Oldham career, 11 years in and still trying different things




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