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Chat How to edit finances using hex editor


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On 23/09/2022 at 04:05, Mike16 said:

Hi. Who knows how to edit finances of a club with hex... none of the forums here have answered yet.

Oh God, not you and this pointless question again. I can distinctively recall you asking this question before, and I gave you the answer, before you kept on nagging, and I decided to stop caring altogether. I'll give you the answer again this time...

- Save your current save to another slot.

- Adjust your transfer fee to zero, then save it.

- Use compare function (most hex editors have this). Edit the one with zeros to something big (00 00 00 00 to 80 FB 65 1E - that should be enough).

- Save the file, then load it in FMM.

Don't complain about how hard this is (I'd not recommend hex editing, not anymore), and don't dare texting me for further instructions - I'm getting tired of those. As I mentioned before, I don't recommend hex editing - it's hard to do for beginners, and it kinda sucks the fun out of the game once you know how to abuse it. If you actually can play this game, unlock Sugar Daddy instead.

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Grammar check, as usual.
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