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Chat Return of The Sicilian Giants!


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Hi all. I should have started a career with this save but wasn't sure I'd see it through, and my first couple attempts didn't go so well. 

I've only had the game for a couple of weeks after a long break from FMM, and I've found LLM quite challenging this year to say the least! 



Anyway, as you had probably guessed this is a Palermo save. The team responsible for creating one of my favorite ever players; Dybala (not to mention many other greats of Serie A past). The club has had a tough time over the past decade which ultimately led to them being excluded from professional football altogether in 2019. This meant a complete reboot for the club (a new team, and starting from Serie D!). I thought it would be fun to try and make them great again! 


We missed out on the Seria A title by 1 point, with both myself and the leaders AC Milan losing our final games! Very frustrating to miss that opportunity, although still very proud of the lads for this great achievement. I was really surprised how well they performed as most of my team I'd say were average Serie B players at best. Some great young talent waiting for next year though.

I'd wanted to do a save like this for a while, and when the new game drops I'll probably make a proper career out of this with some challenges thrown in along the way. I'll probably continue to play this one until then anyway.

Finally, thanks for reading. I know it's not much of a career post, but thought I'd share and let you know I plan to be more involved in FMM 2023 😀.





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