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Help Looking for my new favorite tactic


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Hey guys. 

I'm rubbish at creating tactics, so I am looking for a tactic that just works. There are loads on here that are great, but I have few specific wishes that I find hard to get fulfilled:


The tactic MUST use a formation that go with coaches preferred formation so I can run the same formation for my reserves.


Goals! Lots of goals please ☺️ 

Decent defending is nice too.


Must have roles that do crosses, WB's, wingers or what else. Also a striker that likes heading, but not a must.


I'm okay with building a team to fit the tactic, doesn't have to fit any current teams.


Preferably the tactic uses positions that creates green links all around, or argumentation that this doesn't matter (I'm talking about the gap between midfield and attack, that many formations have.

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