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Help Question - how to creat Gifs of FMM goals?


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Hi all, 

Any suggestions on how I can create a Gif (short video) of an FMM goal, which I could then upload onto this site?

I’ve never done it before, have found a screen recording app, and a gif creation app, but it’s pretty rubbish. E.g. I’d like to just record part of the screen (like the pitch!) rather than my whole iphone screen. 

How would you recommend I do it? 🙂

Cheers, Dan

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Use the built in iPhone screen recording and then look for an app called Gif Toaster in the AppStore. You can crop the video so you just focus on one part as well as trim the length of the gif and other editing features.

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Wow. I had no idea my phone had an “inbuilt” screen recording app! And that Gif app seems to work great.

Thank you!


Random goal => Gif at half-speed 

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