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Help Does having money left over increase next seasons budget?


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I don’t know. 

BUT I always adjust it into the wage budget (so have as much wage budget as possible, zero transfer budget), as that 100% DOES carry over to the next season 🙂 

Then if needed, I can adjust the wage budget back into transfer budget 👍 

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Yeah, I always move it to the wage budget just before starting a new season. I haven't tested it for years, but in the past your wage budget would carry over, but your transfer one would be lost.

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Iirc I had tested it with fm 2022 and what I found was something like this :

- if you allocated it to wages, those will be 100% carried over to the new season. 

- if you left it, you will get more transfer budget in the new season, but it wont be 100% - for example, if your budget is still left with £25m, your next season budget will be around £5m more than if you allocated all of them to your budget. 

But it's better to allocated all of them to your wages. I'll try in a bit. 

Edit :

Allright I've done a test and what I found is this :

1. Let the transfer budget as it is

At the end of season we're left with around £19.61m budget left with £22k wage budgetScreenshot_2022-11-05-15-20-33-579_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.7943648aa34f66bb5b962674b68217cd.jpgand the start of next season the board give us around £57.64m budget. Screenshot_2022-11-05-15-20-51-153_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.b65052b57e28510c083186f4bcc07d87.jpg

And the budget can't be changed, its impossible to get more budget unless you ask them. Screenshot_2022-11-05-15-21-03-042_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.de22b0c145980e10a0b2dfe1d250acc9.jpg

2. Turn all those left budget into wages

After we turned those into wage budget, that left us with £0m transfer budget and £399k wagesScreenshot_2022-11-05-15-19-30-390_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.b8037efd53340fbc5bc67e42f9363033.jpg

At the start of next season, the board give us around £54.64m transfer budget and still £399k wages. That is £3m less than if we left those £19m budget as it is. Screenshot_2022-11-05-15-19-51-995_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.b2adc59e10928065fd4190c4d61c85b5.jpgafter those wages adjusted to transfer budget, we got... £69.91m transfer budget and £106k wage budget. Screenshot_2022-11-05-15-20-10-769_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.e8cdd14e072eba992e8689bc4ba9de35.jpg

So if we left those £19m rot at the budget, we will get allocation of £3m more budget at start of next season compared to if we turn them into wages. But, if you turn them into wages and turn it back to transfer budget at the start of the season, you'll get £12m more (69m-57m) than if you left them. 

That's still less than the remaining budget, but its quite significant difference. 

Thoughts? 😄

Edited by Ariza8
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10 hours ago, RE5T 1N PEACE said:

If I have say £25M left over will a portion of that be carried over to next season or will it all be lost?

You will keep a portion if not in financial trouble I’ve found that if you also move your slider over to transfer budget over wages you get a percentage more for the next season 

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