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Wanting to turn my team from a counter attacking to to tiki tala but with 3 BPD full backs in 14s for attributes 2 APs with 14/15 creativity/passing 2 complete forwards with 14 passing dribbling and many IF all around 14 in main attributes I’m still being told to play route one or counter attack are there any players vital I’m missing?





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It’s a great question - next time would be good to use a more descriptive ‘title’ than just “help” 🙂 

A few points which may … er … help:

  • it does not really matter what your Assistant advises - you are the manager and can play Tika-Taka if you want.
  • however your Assistant does give a brief explanation WHY they recommend (or don’t recommend) a specific style

Go to This Screen


See explanation here


 Plus here’s why they may be recommending counter attack:

  • The lower reputation / ability your club is, I’d assume the more “reactive” your Assistant’s recommendation. Only the top reputation / ability clubs will be recommended the most “proactive” styles (?)


  • Could your squad’s passing attributes be LOWER than the league’s average? Your Playmaker Vignato only has a 15 for passing & technique. Your (best?) CB Scalvini only has a 12 for passing + technique. For Serie A, that seems a little low.er than average.


Overall - feel free to take a short passing / tika-taka approach - if YOU want to. Especially as your squad seems young and should improve together.

However as your Assistant recommends other styles (probably due to your squad’s lower passing / technique / creativity vs other Serie A sides) - so be prepared that it may be difficult for your side to keep possession / create chances / score goals - unless you have a quality tactic 🙂 

Does that make sense? Have I misunderstood anything?

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15 hours ago, DanEnglish said:

It’s a great question - next time would be good to use a more descriptive ‘title’ than just “help” 🙂 

A few points which may … er … help:

Haha err.. thanks not been on here for awhile been playing short passing fluid CA as a work around for what I wan out of them have 3 decent CBS all around same level danylo (abousolute steal btw 45k at start of game)  D504429B-4A6B-4443-B52C-759FDD3037B4.thumb.png.bb7ab3180a650b21a265f4b4885be9cd.png

and papetti who while only 10 dribbling doesn’t have KBPO or an ovther negative traits 15F34C44-BBEA-4C3A-8D50-8001AAEA9C86.thumb.png.1e7975cdd89d5c0bc0650ca3d97ce421.png

my aps while only in the 15s there well rounded in all tech ability’s an I’m currently 3rd in league an champions cup so rep shouldnt be problem?


ive since found if you play around with the coaches for a game the recommended style changes from this who didn’t give me a reason for not playing VTT but route one with not target forward (Belloti is nurfed an should be a AF traits and attributes don’t match)  

I just erks how your whole group is set to play one way but your system has to be rework around coaches an I feel you are punished for not playing there given system 

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