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Challenges The Late Bloomer Challenge


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The Late Bloomer Challenge 

With the advances in Sports Science there is a growing trend for strikers to continue in there peak years even once they are into there 30s. We have seen Lewendowski continue to score at an alarming rate for Bayern this season, Jamie Vardy has scored nearly 100 Premier League goals despite not playing in the top flight till his late 20s and Zlatan scored more goals in his 30s than he did in his 20s.

The Challenge


This is a simple concept as all you need to do is pick a player who is 30 or older and get him to score more goals under your management before he retires than he managed in the previous years of his career.

The target number of goals depends on how many he has previously scored in his career so if he has scored over 100 goals or more then you must beat that total.

So take Robert Lewendowski as an example. 

He is 32 at the start of a save in FMM21 and has scored 304 goals in club football so your goal is to get him to score 305 more goals before he retires.


If he has scored any total less than 100 goals in his career then you must get him to score 101 goals under your management. (Credit to @Scratch for this part of the challenge)

Take Gervinho as an example.

He has scored 100 career goals at the start of the save so you would need to get him to score 101 goals before he retires.



The Rules 

Obviously there are a few rules to keep things fair for everyone.

  • Player Choice: You can use any player you wish so long as he is 30 or older, not a regen and he can play in any position that you want.
  • Goals Target: If a player has scored over 100 club career goals then his career goal total at the start of the save is the target you must beat. If he has scored less than 100 club career goals then you need to get him to score 101 goals under your management.
  • Club Choice: You can manage any club in the standard DB of the game but you and the player must stay at the club for the duration of the attempt so you can’t start at a big club with a player and then move to weaker leagues to finish the attempt as he gets older. If you are sacked then it’s game over.
  • Other Rules: Standard Vibe rules apply so no unlockables (except coaching badge and reputation), no edited DB’s, no IGE or PGE, no reloading or cheating of any kind.
  • Proof: You will need to provide proof to be eligible for the leaderboard and this includes a screenshot of the players history at the start of the save to show your target. The best thing to do it start a career thread for us all to follow.


I could have come up with a points scoring system for this challenge but actually I don’t think it needs one. We have a lack of challenges that are simple pass or fail so that is what I have decided this one will be.

If you get your chosen player to score more goals under your management than he previously managed in his career then you have passed the challenge and your name, chosen club, player and the goal target you hit will go onto the board in the order it was completed. You can also go on the board as many times as you wish if you want to do this challenge with a few different players.

Passed the Challenge

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I thought I’d give this a go with De Bruyne. I was interested because I can’t remember trying to get a top scorer from the AMC position. Also, in a previous save I had him for 3 seasons and his performances fell off at an alarming rate in season 3. 

(I read his Guardian Interview and it seems like his “too old” comments got blown out of proportion. I quite like players giving an honest opinion but I guess this is why he rarely gives interviews 😂)

Starting Stats:



As his goal tally is under 100 I went for the default total of 101 goals.

Final Stats:




Season 1:




(yes, still using De Bruyne as “player-manager 😁)

Season 2:





Season 3:

I only had to play 22 games to finish the challenge.

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