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Mostly to test the game. Starting in the center of Europe with my "revered" german avatar 🙌🏻



(By the way, this time I wanna give a chance again to the italian language I used to struggle with) 

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As a tradition, my first career attempt is led by the contingency of the place I have to visit at the moment... I found myself in Frankfurt for business in early november, so here we are...
Finances are secure and the budget is good (37 M €) moreover you operate  well below the wage limit
The options in different roles are not so much and you can think of some additions. I am used to analyze the rooster first and take the maximum out of it before searching new players. I suggest to start from dynamics to have an idea of the importance of people. Analysing player by player, here below my considerations.
The best players at the club to build a formation with are: Trapp, N'Dicka, Sow, Goetze, Kamada and Kolo Muani.


Screenshot_2022-12-04-16-30-03-594_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.jpg.8e6fd43e5824886fa4c7e12865d2271f.jpgScreenshot_2022-12-04-16-29-13-436_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.jpg.3091f979e023145b0ebadcdb06ad0f5c.jpgScreenshot_2022-12-04-16-28-43-711_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.jpg.4202923be85410838a6669b83f939dcb.jpgI decided to negotiate a renewal with the 3 of them  having expiring contracts.
Hasebe (38) is more important for the dressing room than on the pitch, where it can be used if adequate rest is given to him between matches. I choose him as captain but I won't renew his contract now.
Good players that can be selected as starters are: Rode, Lindstrom, Pellegrini / Lenz, Alario, Onguene .
Finally there are some young players ready to try to estabilish themselves in the first team:

Based on the weaknesses of team report  and on the following considerations, i have chosen a 4231 inspired to the control of possession
- there are many attackers good with both the feet but few of them are real strikers,
- defenders are good at making play
- players suitable for the flanks have characteristics more similar to full back than to midfilders
So I will ask the boys to:
- operate with short passes to minimize errors,
- have an higher defensive line to keep short distance btw. players,
- press in the opposition half (as we have 6 men over there)
As we don't have a clinical striker, the idea is to give the keys to Goetze and exploit the speed of Kolo Muani and Kamada to bring as more people as we can into the box.

My choices
I recalled Hauge to use him as Goetze sub.
Few investments but with quality. I need to streghten the right full back position. Onguene is good, so I decided to buy a young prospect but ready to play, Siquet. The next decade is covered.
Sow is the only complete midfilder I have, Dina Ebimbe is a little adapted as a sub and with much less quality. As we have UCL I decided to bring in Serdar.


Ready to begin the season: 1st Bundesliga week Bayern, five days later Real for European super cup 


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From Philip Roth's block notes... 

"... Ansgar Knauff is the prototype of the disruptive guy: thinks going on loan was a mistake, always E/F rate of training and (obviously)... wants to play in Bundesliga! With certain people early decisions are the best solution. Fortunately Borussia Dortmund ll are forced to take him back... 

... Proud of our progresses with Bayern. They grabbed the game but everyone can see that we deserved at least one point... 


... No chances with Real, but it was funny to scary them for a while... 


... Apart from some initial up and down, I think we have found our way. Defence and midfileld are working as in my first ideas. As I changed my mind also the attack has woke up. Alario is good but cannot withstand alone to all scoring responsibilities. KOLO as advanced forward can also take advantage of his speed and in front of goal has that something... It was nice also to have a good response from Borré as wide advanced playmaker, he is a good guy that takes care of his flank with his teamwork. In this position he has less pressure, his first gol in UCL was not random. ... "


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From: Philip.Roth@gmail.com

To: Ernesto.Frida@gmail.com

Object: holiday time

Hi Ernesto, hope you are fine in Italy. Any job offer? I suppose no as I heard nothing in the news. Season in Germany is over, I am in Spain now for holiday. My first year in Frankfurt was tough but in the end I have learnt a lot. It was a rollercoaster! In early october I thought I have solved the enigma... Bullshit! The real problems came in: Goetze out for 4 month and the tactic project burnt. We arrived at the break in november loosing the Rhein-Mein derby and I clearly see the situation crashing due to different structural team weakness like the lack of leadership but also wrong decision like my too demanding defence strategy. 


When I was forced to sell my best defender (Ndicka to Liverpool) in the January transfer market, in the worst moment, at 11th place... Well that shock opened my eyes: early decisions my friend! As in the old times with our beloved mister Tamburo... 

I switched to a more covered 5-2-1-2 and brought in one leader, two loyal and hard working players with experience.


After only  two training sessions I realized I have made a terrific choice!


Kevin Vogt is an inspired leader, with him the defence is locked and the other defenders became more confident. 

We started to be more consistent in the league and after leaving the two continental competitions, we have more time and energy to put on the pitch. 


The last two months were a stunning ride... With the gem of Vestfalen stadion. 

At the end 5th place, not bad. Let's see what the board wanna do next year. 


Don't eat too much and gimme some news if you return for a new adventure on the bench! 

Take care, Philip 

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From Philip Roth's block notes...

August '23

I have found all the people at the club very motivated when I returned in Frankfurt. A couple of celebrations for badge promotions, the introduction day for young players coming from the accademy and the nonstop meetings to plan market activities. 


On selling side we had 2 offers: I decided to refuse the one for Ramaj, as I see him as the next goal guardian: I confirmed a loane to Schalke instead. I sacrified Loune for the right price. 


The additions are forced, the departures of Pellegrini and Hasebe need replacements: Sanusi as a starter and Ascacibar for turnover with Jakic. 

Two more occasions in the listed players: Morutan (AMC) and Wittek (D/M S) 


This year i have to find a solution to the most difficult REBUS since I cam here... 


This guy must and can do far better but... in which position? I have tried everything.... 

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Tonight out with all my staff... With good planning we have taken them all to the golden badge level. Congrats to my colleagues / friends. 


Nice months here. Not a good start but my efforts to build a healty and united group have produced good results... 


We succeded to manage two games a week introducing four youngsters in the first team (two from academy, two after loans)... For example Ache is not a superstar but he scored 5 goal in 7 appearances.  Screenshot_2022-12-22-18-50-55-603_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.jpg.2000d6fbd5911e3f6db29bebb5670cd3.jpg

Last match has given the players a lot of confidence 


Hauge up front was not planned, but the injury to Lindstrom was beneficial... Only Fer Nino denied us 3 points... WHOOO?? He has however a reputation 


Let's see in January our situation and we will decide if we will make investments (39M €) or wait for June. 


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Posted (edited)

Nice run until Christmas break that ended up with a deserved win against a Bundesliga contender


We close at 4th place the first part of the League.


To mantain that spot I chose to invest part of the funds to increase the scoring capacity based on market opportunities.

Our Santa gift:



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Trying to break a regime
Roth has taken Eintracht one step beyond, but now is the time of truth: can he manage to grab trophies despite Bayern?
M. G. from Frankfurt a. M. 

I arrived at the training center at midday. The team was having lunch togheter. This is one of the new rules introduced by Roth. And the canteen was built by his request too. Last campaign saw Eintracht finish in the third place. Moreover they took home the DFB Pokal.

This team is the natural candidate to chase Bayern. After a great start the team established itself in the second place, but it seems the rooster has still room for improvement. Roth's politics has not changed, he looks for long term and has made particular investments that some supporters did not approve. Maybe not the fastest way to reduce the gap with Bayern. But he is convinced this is the only way to grow in a solid way.
After the tactic change to the 4231, to exploit better the attacking midfielders in the rooster and the absence of a real prolific striker, the number of goal against has risen and the team was eliminated at the knock out phase of cup competion (Wolfsburg in Pokal, Juventus in Europa League). In some games it seemed that an injection of leadership would be beneficial.
At the end Bayern made again his mark on Meisterschale. Eintracht secured the second place, it was a good result if we think of the big clubs (and their sugar daddies) that were left behind.


Roth is a calm and relaxed people but is very determined. He has asked the club to manage directly the investments and has no fear of failing.
"I must have faith in what I am doing, if not, noone else will..."
Foti and Dominguez are now more blended with the team.


In summer he added three more bricks. Two players that have been selected in last year Bundesliga top XI (Rexhbecaj and Symanski) and a bright talent, Mastoras, who made a huge season in the rival Mainz 05.




Next week he will cross way again with Bayern which is coming from a fresh double...we will see if the faith is well deserved.

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From Philip Roth's block notes...

Travel to Belgium by train is more relaxing than taking the plane. I must say a first class intercity is very different from a crowded regional service. You have time to write down ideas, send cheers to the family, analyze problems.
I am very proud of the choice I made when I took charge as the first team responsible for Belgian federation and the doubts about the compatibility with the club activities have disappeared. On contrary it has been a stress release button and helped me to take the right decisions under pressure.
Of course the best is to see the boys that wear the Red devils shirt coming with happy faces and willing to defend this colours. It was not the case when I arrived at the beginning of the world Cup qualifications, it seemed people are coming to pay taxes or fares....How to turn the situation? As in the kitchen, keep the recipe simple if you have good ingredients. And for sure Belgium has! I will not mention the good, experienced professionals that are well established in the premier League or la Liga (Romelu, Kevin, Tibaut...). The chase was to find good interpreters to support these champions and to create a nice dressing room clima.
Mission accoplished! Any player now is Happy to come to the National team for a week, it seems a little holiday to see Old friends. The results are a cosequence. I think also my scouting skill has improved, after studying the profiles, now I have many new "nephews" that one day could be useful also for the club career.






The train has arrived on time, the same for us. We have our well deserved ticket to the next world Cup. 


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1 hour ago, Migraz said:

keep the recipe simple if you have good ingredients.

The ingredients make the dish 👍 

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Great read, I look forward to hearing more about the tactical revolution forged in a train carriage between Frankfurt and Brussels 👍

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Posted (edited)


Hello Mr. Roth, tonight the team was brilliant, isn't it?
 I think it's very difficult to come to Allianz Stadium and grab something. It is necessary to do almost a perfect match.... As we did today.
It is the second time you beat Juventus... 2 clues make a proof.
The team finally has blended, introducing new player requires some time, now we have different solutions and that makes us more unpredictable.

What will be your Main focus now?
If we want to make a step, we must have the ambition to push in every competition to the max. DFB Pokal gave us a tough lesson this year, but a useful one.
Of course, the conditions can be more or less fovourable. In Bundesliga we have taken our chances, we are the leaders now... And the max pressure is on the chasers that cannot make any mistakes.

You are able to motivate players that are facing troubles with the club...
Ok, this is again one of the thousand time questions about Toure and Serdar...they are part of the rooster, they are not creating problems... So if they will continue show good performances, they will continue to be in the Starting XI if necessary.
Of course, but maybe...
Listen, I want to cut this. Toure is one of the senators here, we can only thanks him for what he has done... At the end of the season, if he would like to return to France and go to PSG, for sure we will find an agreement.
For Serdar, he has been one of the first players I asked for when I had come here. He is committed to the club, but if something is not right, we will sit down and discuss to find the best solution for everyone.
Now, please, I have to go. 

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Excuse me, Mr Roth, one last question..

- What do you feel are your team's greatest strengths?

- oh, another last question.. where are you looking to strengthen come next transfer window?

Thank you.

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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Excuse me, Mr Roth, one last question..

- What do you feel are your team's greatest strengths?

- oh, another last question.. where are you looking to strengthen come next transfer window?

Thank you.

You are welcome. It took some times to find the team's strengths. I struggled at the beginning. Then I set a meeting with my assistant: I carefully read the team report, he prepared. A sentence suddenly catched my attention in the Cons: "the team is not good in managing possession" [translated from the italian game language]... 😧


I was surprised cause I had good decisions, passing, team work, creativity in the midfield. So I had to rethink my tactics. A Pro was : "team has a lot of pace". I decided for an equilibrated, fast approach that uses the vertical spaces. The basic disposition remain a 4-2-3-1 but the roles have changed. Now the 3 advanced midfielders have only very offensive roles, without playmaker task, to go forward whenever is possible. The play is demanded to one of the 2 deep midfielders and one of the centre backs.


[settings above against similar teams away / stronger teams at home] 


Ah, sorry, the last question...Let's see how we finish the season, let's see what will happen at the world Cup. Then you will know WHO will be in charge to strenghten the team... 😉😉

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Posted (edited)



Dear Eintracht fans,

I would not have been forced to write this letter but I do, as I have always respected the club and you.

Trash news as the one below:


are definitely FALSE. I have never contacted any other clubs, apart from Belgian federation that was agreed with the board previously.

Especially before the most important match of my career.


 The dressing room was a boiler last two months. I admit I was though with the press after the loss with Augsburg that could compromise our run but noone can wonder to work at this level without pressure and tension in some moments.


We won the Bundesliga here in Frankfurt. Noone will cancel the story and some special moments, which memories will be there forever.






I wish Eintracht the best fortunes, but when 4-5 players can command a whole club from the dressing room, something is not right.

If they don't cope with open public critics, they are not big players. And they are not men as well.

I wish to thank you and the rest of the players that gave everything on the pitch. And, with sadness in my heart, I start a new chapter in my career at the world Cup.

Philip Roth


[NOTE: I never saw something like this. The situation was calm even with 5 players showing the ! mark, I mean we reached excellent results anyway. SUDDENLY I was sacked...with a FALSE speculation (I never contacted Mainz) 3 days before UCL final. Really un-be-lie-va-ble... ] 

PS They would have won also with me in charge. But... 


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That would have been a final from the ages too! Hampden Park in the 60s, 7-3 or something?

It is only the end of a chapter, the story will continue!

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Posted (edited)

From: Philip.Roth@gmail.com

To: Ernesto.Frida@gmail.com

Object: Leaving Germany

Dear Ernesto, 

unfortunately I have had to cancel my bookings and I won't come to visit you in Italy. I am definitely leaving Germany. But let me tell the story from the beginning... 

After being sacked I flew to the US and concentrate myself on the world Cup with Belgium. The round stage was against BENIN and JAPAN and we passed as first. In the second round "the hawks" of Osimhen


Nice squad we struggled against... At penalty lottery our experience and composure was decisive


So we reached the Third round, what the Federation had asked for (another Mission accoplished for the too-early-judged-guilty Mr. Roth). We found a complicated team... 


Levelled match. A free kick decided the contest... I am glad at the end it was on of my signings at Eintracht. 



Meanwhile at the second round there were some impressive and unexpected results 🤯


When I was ready to go on holiday... I found the France football federation directors in the hall of my hotel with a concract to sign. 

I expressed my sincere thanks to Belgian federation and I signed the contract. 

Welcome to the amusement park 🎡😂... This is my first formation on debut 


After some matches I have adjusted something (also depending on the available players from time to time) 


Who impress me mostly? Upamecano, Camavinga. And the totally different gol confidence of Kolo Muani in the national team. I don't even mention Kilian... You can wonder. 

I think we have found a good balance, the results are good. My first acheving for now is the qualification round victory 


For club football , after having dreamed of a return in Germany with Borussia (I made my coming out, the sacked their manager and then... they chose another  one)



and after having declined so many turkish first Division club offers (who gave them my number??), I decided to leave Germany and I embraced a different kind of project... Don't laugh at me thinking I am mad... I will try to improve the Herenveen reputation in the Eredivisie. The club is healty and is something "normal"... I need that to counterbalance the alien national team I am in. 

Hope to see you as soon as will be possible. 



PS... I see with pleasure that maybe it was not only a too-early-judged-guilty Mr. Roth 's fault in Frankfurt... 




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And at the end Mr Roth was forced to leave the family and his home country to have a new possibility with a club. 

Herenveen is nothing big but it is possible to work without pressure. He arrived almost at the end of the campaign, but he found the right tactical solution and motivated the group to make 6 win in a row and terminate the season in a good 9th place. 

The real challenge is now in the new season. To change the club, at first it is  crucial to sell a lot. There are 40 (the limit) players in the first team and many others in the reserves. The wish is to integrate the low transfer funds. The phone was hot in here during the transfer market... 


The investments must be targeted but the club has a low appeal and it is not easy to find the right players. Mr Roth decided to add only the indispensable people to cover the roles with one alternative. 


With this conditions you must bet, as you can see from the most famous capture. 


Friendlies are not the best to blend a medium size club. But Mr Roth was happy with the commitment. The league performances of course have been influenced by this little revolution Screenshot_2023-04-06-22-59-58-728_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.jpg.28d75cc63e379b2af224bf0c06ab6247.jpgScreenshot_2023-04-06-23-00-20-263_com_sega.soccer.eleven.thumb.jpg.dc21ce5c5cec0a2048860b27f46113bb.jpg

Anyway the het noorden derby was won on the opening game (after the last six defeats) 


Moreover also other teams have up and downs and the table is quite levelled for now 


A different situation with France, where the European qualification has already reached. 



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Trust the plumber! 


Usually great managers are lonely people. Basically because they are like plumbers. If a pipe is broken, they tell you the truth: it will cost a lot to fix the problem. Someone will choose to follow the advice with patience and investing the money. Someone else would like the problem solved at once and with less money (but they will spend more in the end!).

I have the same plumber since 90's. This is the reason I like clubs like Herenveen which trust in good experienced plumbers like Philip Roth. And again he has not broken his promises. In the Nederlands this year there is a little club close to the three giants in the Eredivisie. The same club is still in the latest stage of the national cup. He is the same plumber that has fired again France motivation after the awful world Cup performance. The same that has brilliantly managed a generational transition in Belgium. The one who has taken the Bundesliga Meisterschale and the DFB Pokal in Frankfurt (they denied the evidence of a broken pipe and sacked the plumber instead).

The Herenveen version of Roth is a less mediatically exposed one. He works more as part of the system. He relies more on scouts and staff and focus himself more on the psychology of players. He organises a long tour of friendly matches for the reserve squad to boost the physical and psychological condition of the less rotated first team players. He doesn't waste time with "lost causes" arranging convenient exchanges or sales.

After this new adventure, I would suggest Roth as manager either for a small country side or for a big square club. But it is really difficult to receive calls when you speak openly, cause on the other side few people are entirely ready to face the problems they have. 

Titles can wash prejudices, so I can only wish Herenveen the best luck for the end of the season. The beginning is promising: they are through the Dutch cup final (do you remember what happened in Frankfurt?) 


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Posted (edited)

... Roth's notebook....

Not Easy to talk about the final stage of the season. Bitter sweet taste. 

The energy to arrive at the end of the European championship arose from the failure in the Dutch cup, life is strange. If we play 100 times that game with AZ, we win 90. Fortune has only given back to me what has stolen before.


Let me be clear... All seemed prepared for the home side (Spain) and win in that cold way at Camp Nou was a blast. Giving us England and Germany was not enough to lead Spain to the trophy. 

With Herenveen, the second place after Ajax (noticeable result) gave us the opportunity to compete in Conference league. No big occasions were on the market and I don't spend just to spend but I still have...

  • the best goalscorer of the league, Brobbey
  • my best external attackers and midfielders, Sow, Placheta, Ihattaren 
  • all the best performers of the defence, Raum, Lucas Ribeiro, Leitsch, Aydin
  • an additional reliable and Dutch (don't forget that) goalkeeper, Westerveld

... For the rest (the replacements) , I will use the products of my academy /reserve team.

The others will go again on loan. 



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Posted (edited)

The major satisfaction of 2028/29 has been to have taken the previous year rooster more or less and have utilized every single player in the right situation, in the right momentum of the season. Even players that I supposed to sell at the end where useful for the project (20 matches even for reserves).




Only in this way I overcame injuries and found a key to win every single match. Also the ONLY 2 DEFEATS in the season happened in the right month. 


With the TREBLE at Herenveen I made the HISTORY of this club!


I think have done everything here taking normal players to the next level and creating  brilliant academy prospects. 

Now some tributes... 

The perfect mix couple of center backs 



The three tenors up front... 



The midfield columns....



And the next gen... 



Time to admire for a moment the updated palmares and finally I lock the office to go on holiday. 🍹



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All is confirmed and the papers are signed... I will come in Spain for holiday as the new BVB manager! My dreams come true. I will return in Germany by the front door! 

Don't worry I owe you a great dinner! 

Details later... 

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Posted (edited)

I could start with a list of things that I admire in this club, but I think it is more important to share a significant stat... 


This is the reason I'm here. Such a big club cannot survive with this roller coaster. The project in the medium, long period is to level the performances up. To participate every year to the UCL, to develop the best youngers in the country and to win titles at least as much as Bayern or more. 

Today we have another mission. To cancel the last 11th place and fight for the title or say being in the UCL at the end of the season. 

I like to use the existing rooster at his max as usual. I have analyzed the possibilities and found a possible tactical displacement. There is not so much time and I have made 3 requests that have been satisfied:


Djenairo Hato, directly from my previous club. My favourite. So young and already comfortable in the fights in front of 80,000 people. 


Josko Gvardiol, a total defender, somehow relegated to Austria Vienna. 


One of "my creations" in Frankfurt now ready to lead the U21 national team. 

Other actors on the stage of the Signal Iduna Park... 









My tactic idea... 


Quite standard but with the possibility (experimented in pre season) to move the DPL between the midfield and the defence and the AP on the midfield line during the game, thanks to the quality of players. 

Edited by Migraz
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Unfortunately sometimes the moment you go to bed is the only free corner you have to play your career. This is relaxing for me, but can be also dangerous... When you are falling asleep it is easy to tap the wrong save tab if you have more than one at the same time.

This basically happened with this career and, as I was playing in the same days with another one, the automatic save was rolling elsewhere.

And Now?! 

Something is possible. As this is called Exploring Europe and I have other adventures already started, I will change the scenario and introduce you to another old known manager (cited one time in previous posts). 

The Argentinian mentor of Philip Roth: Sergio Tamburo. 🇦🇷

What is doing now? He is trying to take Deportivo La Coruna at the highs of the nineties...


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So the story began on a rainy afternoon, at a press conference in a empty Riazor stadium. Supporters are depressed following a team that now is living a reality far from the stages of Nineties. 

Tamburo at the first direct question answered this "maybe we are not the stronger team in Federacion primera, but none of the others is Depor and we must have the ambition to win". 

That was enough to switch on the players (a mix of veterans at the end of career and of fine youngsters) and make a complete first half season commanding the league. After that due to the lack of alternatives, the vantage was reduced till the end. But at the end Depor was again in Segunda division! 


Depor was struggling at the beginning but a good January market permitted to secure a 9th spot just outside the playoff.

This season

With a year of experience more, Depor will try to get a playoff spot. In January  2 3 expiring contract player were booked. Let me introduce the more important players. 


Was bought as the star for the return in Segunda. Not confortable as AMC, really impressive as RP for constance. Near at the end. 



The star of this market. Powerful shooter. Was initially the AF, but due to plenty of centre attackers, was moved to the left flank and his fisicality resulted dominant 


Diego Gomez

Taken by Tamburo in the first team from the day 1, he is very versatile and ready to bigger stages... Liverpool has made a crazy offer that for now has been rejected... 30M!!


Pedro Mendes 

With an expiring contract in Serie B, but with a story in the Porto youth team, Depor bet... And won. Regularly on score, he battle for the Pichichi title. 


Depor formation 




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