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Challenges Badge of Honour #1 - Haaland's Heroics

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Only had these over the season. Both times played him for the full game because I'd be resting him for the next two. Missed a few opportunities like this just wasn't paying attention tbh, subbed at 60-70 even though I could rest him the next game. 

Screenshot_20221120-143248_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20221120-031714_FM23 Mobile.jpg

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7 hours ago, Varf on fmm said:

Idk why but whenever I get my Striker to score 3-4 in first half, second half is a struggle and I might see another one goal. It has been for me like this since I can’t remember what FMM… Several years for sure. But to score 3-4 in first half is so easy on the other hand.

Any tips anyone?

Happens to me often also. Then I sub off my main striker and 7/10 times the sub grabs a goal or 2. Just seems that the guy who scores a load in first half is handicapped in the 2nd.

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