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Tactics Finally found a target man tactic

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playing as Turino trying to make a full Italian team the only true strikers (that wouldn’t be converted IF etc) that are Italian wonder kids all seem to be Target men a tactic I’ve never been able to get anything from in the top leagues 

since tried with Burnley to test how affective it is 


an have now opened a second save because them links are nasty lol maybe win the league with no signings at Burnley 🤔 😂 







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18 hours ago, Pinuccio said:

Forza Torino😉

Haha I am turino every year to take down your old lady’s rule of the city and espanyol to destroy barcas reign over Catalan normally 442 al la A.Madrid style 

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22 minutes ago, YetAnotherDisplayName said:

Haha sono turino ogni anno per abbattere il dominio della città della tua vecchia signora e l'espanyol per distruggere il regno di barcas sul catalano normalmente 442 alla A.Madrid style 

Now the old lady is just a memory. Serious trouble expected for Board of Directors cheating.

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21 minutes ago, Pinuccio said:

Now the old lady is just a memory. Serious trouble expected for Board of Directors cheating.

A reoccurring one lol 2006 indont know to much about it is match fixing again or finances? either way the whole board leaving crazy, would be nice to see you sell chisea and D.V back to florentina have a soft spot for them.

footballs mad you were the Italian equal of Bayern/PSG for a decade

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4 minutes ago, YetAnotherDisplayName said:

Uno ricorrente lol 2006 non ne so molto è di nuovo partite truccate o finanze? in ogni caso l'intero consiglio se ne va pazzo, sarebbe bello vederti vendere chisea e DV torna alla florentina avere un debole per loro.

palloni pazzi sei stato il pari italiano di Bayern/PSG per un decennio

Dear friend you are right, we will see what happens. Del Piero is probably back in administration.

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