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Career Another Foray into the Kiddie Pool (The Race to 100)


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Another year, another new FMM game, another 100 goal challenge from me.


Looking at the list of clubs and available players, the easiest way to do this is probably just going to be Endrick and PSG (I mean, who isn't going to score 100 goals when you have Mbappe, Messi, and Neymar behind you), but I'm not about to take the easy way out.

 Club: Olympique Lyonnais

I mean, there's no 2 ways around it. The French league is probably the easiest major league to get that 100 goals quick, and Lyon has a decent core of Boateng-Tolisso-Aouar to build a roster around. I was deciding between Lyon and Marseille, and was seriously considering if the additional Champions League games might help, but I felt that it wont matter much, since stamina is going to be a real issue here, and I'll probably going to end up having my player of choice just playing league games to maximise stamina. And talking about the player of choice...

Player: Julien Duranville


Coming in at just 2 months older than Endrick, he is likely going to be the best candidate for me. Not having green ST right from the start might be a bit challenging, but his other stats looks good enough for a serious attempt. He also comes with already being able to speak French, so I'm not gonna have issues with not wanting to learn French or feeling homesick and all that jazz. Besides, I'm a Dortmund fan. I have a thing for left wingers, so might as well 🤣

Here we go!

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