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Tactics Jürgen Klopp 4-2-4-ish


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Guys, I’ll drop back in here and add some more detail, but thought people might appreciate the input of a set-up which isn’t yet another re-hash of 4-1-2-2-1 / 4-3-3.

I’ve been trying to recreate the 4-2-4-ish which Klopp has experimented with I’m trying to work Nuñez into the team since his signing. It’s not a perfect representation, but it’s been extremely successful for me, and a lot more defensively sound that I expected and than it looks.









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14 minutes ago, hhooo said:

Can you get a screenshot of how it looks in defense and attack? So we can see what to expect in game.

As in, in game, during the match?

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2 hours ago, Legend288 said:

I am testing it with nott forest and it is very hard )) with liverpool all tactics are good. 

In fairness, you’re comparing a team most likely expected to be in the relegation zone, with a team expected to be in the top 3. The players on offer for Forest pale in comparison to the starting squad at Liverpool, so it’s not surprising to me that a tactic with so many open spaces and a high line isn’t ideal for them.

What I’m presenting here isn’t a plug and play for everyone to try and win the league with newly promoted teams, it’s an attempt to closely mimic a real life playing style, which also might be interesting to some given the strange nature of the set-up.

As I said before, I’ll try to come back shortly with some further details, and as requested pictures of the way this shape appears in game, but I will stress again, this isn’t and isn’t intended to be, a game breaking tactic

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