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Tactics A solid 424


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Early doors so far but doing okay.

Dembele is my main goal scorer, not getting much out of my poacher so may swap out or have a play around, standard inside forwards, left footed player on the right side and right foot and the left side etc although I have been tinkering with abit but will see how it plays out!! 

Thats its, pretty simple, I dont go into massive amounts of analysis and details but if anyone had any questions .... 

Screenshot_20221112-092308_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20221112-092317_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20221112-093201_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20221112-093207_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20221112-091002_FM23 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20221112-091056_FM23 Mobile.jpg

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2 hours ago, DutchTony said:

How do the Inside Forwards perform?

Honestly just average, I rotate usually between the same 4 players. The highest amount of goals was 9 in a season and assists was 7!! Tinkering atm with some instructions to see if I can get abit more out of them 

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On 04/05/2023 at 09:01, beyhes1989 said:

How can i download this tactic where is link?


Just copy it from the first post.

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