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Career North Korea


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Despite supporting SI for many years now, buying the games and add-ons every year since 2012, this year is the first time I'm really going get back into the game.

I loaded up Australia, England, Scotland, Spain and USA and decided on managing...


The Hemit Kingdom, one of the last bastions of Communism, ruled under the iron fist of Kim Jong Un...

The pressure is on...

There's no competitive games to start with, so I set up some tasty Friendlies (if you can call them that) for the Senior Team and Under-21 Team


A Korean Derby, A battle with Japan and a game against China1084303392_Screenshot_20221112_202450_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.9f8defbf670710a8d26f00f8bce3e517.jpg

A Korean U-21 Battle, along with a fixture against Scotland U-21's and I wonder what the WPK and CCP will make of a trip to Taipei.

One thing got me wondering though...


I thought this guy was dead...With a name like that he must be close to royalty in North Korea...

How will it end up for me, glory on the pitch or worked to death in deepest, darkest North Korea

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I was going to go a North Korean career last year but one of the players I wanted to use wasn't actually in the game, despite being at an Italian team IRL.


Looking forward to seeing what you can do!

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Didn't get off to the best if starts...

As I said before I lined up 3 Friendlies...

Against South Korea, China and Japan...

First up was South Korea, the biggest game on the Peninsula, unfortunately we were 4-1 down at half time, we fought back in the second half to narrowly lose 4-3, with the South Korean Keeper saving an NK Penalty in the 27th Minute. In terms of statistics, we weren't that far behind our Southern Foes.



Next up came our only real ally, our friends from and we were defeated yet again, this time 2-1, while we got a late consolation.


Last up was our former Imperial Overlords from the other side of the Sea of Japan, we were heavily defeated 4-0, completely outclassed and out of our depth.


Onto our Under-21 Squad

Games against Scotland, South Korea and Taiwan, yes, I said Taiwan, I refuse to call them Chinese Taipei despite what the WPK or CCP might say, unfortunately we lost all 3

3-1 against Scotland, 2-0 against South Korea and 1-0 against Taiwan, I think that last result may be frown upon by the WPK and CCP.24847296_NK21vScotland21.thumb.jpg.879ae94c703b804e0c551c467cf43de7.jpg



We may have been beaten in all 6 games, but the 4-3 against South Korea was harsh luck, could have easily been a draw and there was a spell where the South Korean Keeper kept them in the game.

There's room for a lot of improvement, but they were the last games of the year before the World Cup, before Competitive Games are drawn and organised in the New Year in game.

North Korea v South Korea (12-11-2022 2335).pkm

North Korea v China (12-11-2022 2345).pkm

North Korea v Japan (12-11-2022 2351).pkm

I uploaded the saved match file if anyone fancies a look at it, if it's even possible.

Will update when more games are organised

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