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Tactics 442 Shadows


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Chopped and changed formations many times over my first 2 seasons with villa. Generally found I did well for a few games, then dropped slightly and switched to something new. I often found that variations on a 442 setup provided best success, but struggled with 2 players in the regular striking positions. So far with this tactic, I've remained unbeaten for my longest period. I've beaten Real Madrid and Bologna in the UCL as well as currently topping the league without any massive star signings.

Still testing and not tried any other teams yet, but thought I'd get it out early to see if anyone else wants to test....

Corners set to near post with one CB attacking near post and one attacking far post. Other players hanging about in various locations.






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90% goals were coming from counter attack. I changed gk to sk. And turn on offside trap. And now is ok.


In man utd only varane have good pace and maybe thats why.



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