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Tactics Solid 3-5-2 set up.

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Hi all,


Finally managed to balance out a Conte inspired Calcio Verticale set up that is working well. You wont be dominating possession, but the team should shut out the opposition and limit them to long shots.

Have yet to test with smaller teams but is should be solid enough, you ideally need a good pair of forwards that will put chances away

Some notes:
I usually set Attacking for home games, and Control for away
If defending a lead/closing out a match, Drop the Defensive line to Deep, Closing down to Own Half and Time Wasting On
One of the forwards needs to be focal point, but his partner can be most any other role depending on your squad
If things are going a little wonky, it might be worth dropping the DW into WB
If your DLP is getting overrun, drop him back a line. If he is still getting hammered, move the BPD out to IWB with man marking to provide some support for him

Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 10.16.32 am.png

Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 10.16.34 am.png

Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 10.16.36 am.png

Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 10.16.40 am.png

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for those wondering what happened in May with the 4 losses that almost ruined the season and also ruined my Goals Conceded stats..... i went on Holiday. Big mistake, never again. Have since sacked the entire coaching staff.







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I hope they introduce Wide CBs next year. Moving the wide defenders to IWBs replicates how Conte's defense plays in possession, but of course they won't come narrow out of possession. Wing backs are also very limited in their scope in FMM, but DWs won't drop to a back 5.


Fingers crossed that these behaviors can be adjusted in the future.

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I am trying a 3 DCs formation. 3 4 3 is not balance, so 3-5-2 is the next option for test. I will refer your setting to see the result. 

I found DW's movement is special in game engine.

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I am wondering why BBM at MC(L) position performs well than at MC(R) position?


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14 minutes ago, rseven said:

I am wondering why BBM at MC(L) position is performance well than at MC(R) position?


I need more action from that side player to keep the balance in the squad, and for the pressing it brings. CM in that role becomes a passenger and doesnt get involved as much i found

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I have tested my 352 tactics in Spurs save for more than one and a half seasons.

It works well. I will post my result soon. By my iPad.

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This is my version of 352. 

My favorite of this tactics is two DWs will pass more often with BBM and DLP. They could move ball from one side to other side. 


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Tbh i was using a similar tactic to this in FMM22 where it seemed to work for national teams but not for clubs. I was hoping that devs would finally fix wingbacks and DM position but it's still wack which is sad... All the teams i support in real life(Atalanta, Lens, Swansea, Werder Bremen, Brighton) play with the 3 at the back so I'm kinda forced to play that in FM as well since there are no natural wingers present. I tried playing with IFs but they nerfed them so hard this year which I didn't expect. 

I tried your tactic with Swansea and even tho I was sceptical it actually did wonders for me. Managed to get 2nd place in Championship behind Norwich, had the best defence and almost 30 clean sheets but also had lots of games where i didn't score. In my opinion its a great tactic if you like to play 3 at the back and since WBs don't work at all it's the only solid 3 at the back tactic for now. Some takeaways:

1) You need tall center backs - Make sure your centerbacks have 14+ aerial and good tackling ability. For me, I had Cabango but others were 12-13 so I signed some guys from free agency to mentor the guys for better aerial and it worked, all my 4 CBs that I rotated whole season had 7+ season rating

2) You need solid DWs, they don't need to be great - only had one 5 game for my DWs whole season 

3) Midfielders are the weakest and most important at the same time - in my case they were the ones stopping the opponent's attacks even tho they didn't have great tackling but they also made numerous fouls and 2/3 had 10+ yellow cards at the end of the season. BBM is the player who'll get the worst ratings and that would be the case in my save if I didn't have Grimes who's a beast for Championship with his set piece ability. Make sure he has good movement and stamina. I started the season with DMC but switched to MC later and it proved to be a better option. 

4) Strikers need to be very good - they need to have 12+ aerial imo because lots of balls will be going to them since they're kinda isolated up front. I had a DLF and AF but my problem was that neither of my strikers had good aerial, the 2 of them had less than 20 combined! I again hired a tall player from FA and mentored 1 of them. Somehow I managed to get them working but still every game they struggled with aerial duels, small price to pay tho. 

The biggest downside is that you probably won't score many goals but that's compensated with very few conceded so it's kinda balanced. 

All in all a great tactic, thanks for sharing it, certainly helped me even tho it was not my goal to achieve promotion, I actually wanted to stay at CH and make a bettet team, but yeah, whatever. 

Both my strikers got 15+ goals (Piroe 15,Obafemi 17 +10assists) with Grimes having 16 cuz of penalties and FKs. 



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