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Fun/Games Bingo With A Twist [The End]


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 Hi everyone and welcome to bingo with a twist, FMM 23 Edition!


Previous winners:

FMM20 - @FuddledFox - Bingo FMM20

FMM21 - @Ashez Bingo FMM21

FMM22 - @Ashez Bingo FMM22



Everybody knows "normal" bingo, if not then:

I will use a website to generate bingo cards for people who sign up.

This will be Bingo with some twists though:

  • Every (monthly) update you will pick 1 out of 3 strikers, only goals scored by your chosen striker will count (If the goal was scored between minutes 1 - 75, as normal bingo only goes to 75)
  • Penalty goals will not count (I will not assign anyone on penalties)
  • Every month the strikers will change positions between them (so 1 month a striker will be playing in the middle, then left or right ST position)(You will not know where they play that month)
  • I will keep the Strikers 100% fit and injury free (they will only miss a bit off time if they get injured during a match).
  • I will use editor to "make" my machine to play Bingo.
  • This will only take a maximum of 3 seasons.


There will also be a (double) side quiz:

1) Each month you will guess how much goals the rest of the team have scored for that month (correct answer will give 1 quiz point).

2) Each month we will do “who am I?”, where I will post 3 clues and you will have to guess the player (correct answer will give 1 quiz point)

I will open a PM with all participants in which you will need to send me the answers for the quiz

Each season the winner of the quiz will get a prize




Earning points with bingo (only the first manager to complete a figure gets the points)

– Every line = 5 points



– Cross = 15 points



– Square = 25 points



– Full card = 100 points




Maximum of 10 players will be allowed to sign up.

If you miss 3 updates, I will remove you from the event.

Sign-up will be open for about a week or if all 10 spots are filled.





  1. @StuartM
  2. @FrAn4eSc0
  3. @JamesVilla
  4. @MikeF
  5. @Kun Aguero
  6. @hhooo
  7. @DoneHisCruciate
  8. @super3mr
  9. @AtleticoWolves
  10. @TheCrux
  11. @broodje kip
  12. @FuddledFox





Thanks for reading 😉

Feel free to ask questions if something is not clear and sign up 😁

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21 hours ago, StuartM said:

Hi Titjes, sign me up please. I'm hoping this time that I read the rules properly! 😂👍


20 hours ago, FrAn4eSc0 said:

Sign me up @Titjes👍


19 hours ago, JamesVilla said:

I’m in, this is always a good fun game to follow!


19 hours ago, MikeF said:

I’m in for this. 


18 hours ago, Kun Aguero said:

Still remember how close I am from winning the last one 😅 Sign me up!

Thanks for signing up so fast guys.

That's 5 spots taken and 5 spots left now 😄

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22 hours ago, hhooo said:

Sounds fun, I'll give it a shot. Hopefully I understand what to do! 


21 hours ago, DoneHisCruciate said:

I’m up for a spot of Bingo. 👍


8 hours ago, super3mr said:

Sign me up 


7 hours ago, AtleticoWolves said:

Sign me up! This sounds fun!


4 hours ago, TheCrux said:

I'll give it a go

Thanks for signing up, all places have been taken now 🙂

I will open a PM soon with each of you 😉

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56 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Damn, I was too late to sign up


6 minutes ago, FuddledFox said:

Missed this but any chance I can use my status as a former champion to sign up late as I always enjoy some Bingo Tits :P

I've added you both 😉

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Pre-season update:

The chosen strikers for season 1 will be:

  1. Lukaku
  2. Lewandowski
  3. Kane


Cards for everyone:

















@Kun Aguero
























@broodje kip









Season 1: Up to August

What to do now for Bingo (answer here):

Make your choice of striker for the month August, that's it.

*** I've put nobody on pens as they will not count ***



What to do now for the side quiz (answer via PM):

Guess how many goals the rest of the team has scored for that month (NOT the "bingo" strikers)

(5 matches)




What to do now for the "Who am I" quiz (answer via PM):

Guess the player with these hints














Everyone will have 48 hours to submit their guesses via the PM I started with them!

If you see any mistakes, let me know 😉

I wish you guys good luck and hope you will have a some fun 😁

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About 26 hours left to submit missing guesses:


Manager Picked Striker Guessed goals Guessed player
@FrAn4eSc0 YES NO NO
@JamesVilla YES YES NO
@Kun Aguero YES YES YES
@hhooo YES YES YES
@DoneHisCruciate YES YES YES
@super3mr YES YES YES
@AtleticoWolves YES YES YES
@TheCrux NO NO NO
@broodje kip YES NO NO
@FuddledFox YES YES YES


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