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Challenges 5 Season Wonderkids FC


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  Hi everyone and welcome to this 5 season challenge with wonderkids


For the wonderkid list please look here:



I know that not all wonderkids are listed there. You can use other players IF they have the "wonderkid" tag, but make sure to take a screenshot asap as proof  😉


General rules:

- Only 2 transfers per season allowed (so choose your team wisely)

- You are allowed to use players from your B/reserve team/youth academy

- You may not buy multiple Wonderkids with the same nationality (So by the end of the challenge you have 10 unique nationalities, with exception of the goalkeeper)

- There are 2 season where you can "activate" a "power-up", BUT you can only activate 1 of them (so choose wisely)

- Wonderkids must have at least a "dark green" color for the positions you buy them for




Season 1: Buy 2 central defenders

Points scored this season


Defender 1 AvR * 10 and then drop the last number + Defender 2 AvR * 10 and then drop the last number / 2



Defender 1 had a rating of 7,73 & Defender 2 had a rating of 8,19 then:

(77 + 81) / 2 = 79

(Should your number end on ",5" then just drop the ",05" so 79,5 would also be 79)


Season 2: Buy 2 Wingbacks (LB/LWB/RWB/RB) ***power-up***

Points scored this season


Clean Sheets * 2



Every game when you fail to get a clean sheet, you can still earn 1 point IF you double and + 1 your opponents goals

example: 1-3, 2-5, 3-7 ,..  wins


Season 3: Buy 2 Midfielders (DCM, CM, CAM)

Points scored this season


Goal Difference (all matches, except friendly games)


Season 4: Buy 2 Wingers ***power-up***

Points scored this season


Midfielders Assists + Wingers Assists



The assists of the player with the lowest amount are doubled


Season 5: Buy 2 Strikers (must be ST)

Points scored this season


Striker Goals





Either database.

No cheating, reloading, editing etc.

Own tactics only.

Evidence will be required.

Have fun.





  1. @Titjes - 562


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10 minutes ago, Ariza8 said:

So we can only buy wonderkids here, 2 per season? 


Is there an exception for GK? 

Yes, only wonderkids and only 2 transfers per season (2 CD, 2WB, 2MID, 2 WING, 2ST).

You can't transfer in another GK, you can only use what's availabe at your starting club.

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11 minutes ago, Save&Repeat said:

I think this would be a lot more interesting if everyone chose the same team!

I think not, as everyone has their own approach to the challenge.. You could need other players than me for your tactic 😅

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