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Poll Who does training?


Which do you prefer?   

45 members have voted

  1. 1. Who does your training?

    • Assistant manager/coach
    • Do it yourself

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Always do it myself:

  • I want to have elderly injury-prone players on low-intensity training,
  • I want to set the players’ position retraining myself,
  • I want to set the players’ attribute focus / role focus myself.

👍 but have never tested delegating it!

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I tend to do it myself for first team/subs. And if I'm on a player profile I'll always check the training tab to see if they're happy with the intensity. Not too fussed about injuries (unless it's a challenge player) as it gives me a chance to rotate 

I think the main thing that is important is position training and stat focus if you want to build a player a certain way.

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If I’m doing a particular challenge or have a certain aim for the save then I do it myself. 

I usually have a long term running villa save just for fun, to try and dominate everything with no set goals for certain players to score etc etc, in that case, I leave it to my coaches.

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Definitely do it myself as I want to shape the players. Takes a bit to set up when I start at a club, but then I just check players when they get an update and adjust their target roles and attribute if necessary. Some players I watch more closely that others. And if it's a challenge player, then they are on Low intensity all the way through to protect them from injury.

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8 hours ago, Màrtinovic said:

What is challenge player?

Like if I'm trying to 1000 goals with a player. Don't want them out injured in training!

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