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Career The Race to 100 *Completed* - Assists - Wanner


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It occurred to me that even though the tactic I used for Badge #1 - Haaland’s Heroics wasn’t troubling the top of that leaderboard it might work for an assist challenge.

So I thought I’d try the assist version of The Race To 100 backed by the mighty war chest of Man City. 

The wonderkid chosen for this task is:



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Season 1 (16yrs - 17yrs)

Wanner joins Man City and makes his debut at the age of 16 years and 216 days.

Surrounded by the glittering talent of Man City, Wanner has a cracking season:



With his low stamina stats it was an interesting challenge to manage his game time and best opportunities for assists. Still, 40 assists exceeded all my expectations!

The funniest thing about his challenge is the couple of seconds wait to celebrate a goal—very VARish as I try and figure out if Wanner got the assist. 😂

Trophy Cabinet


It was Roy of the Rovers stuff for Wanner as he won the Prem, FA Cup, Carabao Cup and the Champions League in his first season:

(and yes, confusingly I made Kevin De Bruyne **player-manager as he currently holds Man City’s assist record)

(**and no, you can’t actually do this in the game—it’s all in my head 🤪)


And to cap off a great season, Wanner got a goal and two assists in the Champions League final:



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Season 2 (17yrs - 18yrs)

A season of injuries and missed games but Wanner is shaping up to be a great player:



Bit unlucky to only get 35 assists but still on track.

Trophy Cabinet


Wanner couldn’t have won more this season. Everything went our way:




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Season 3 (18yrs - 19yrs)

Injuries again this season meant a slow start. This time it wasn’t Wanner but his teammates in the medical centre. 

I lost one of my best midfielders for 8 months to a broken leg and the forwards took it in turns to break down.

Still, Wanner got the job done, and he’s become an awesome player already:



He officially made 100 assists (from 120 games) at the age of 19yrs and 47 days.

I reckon with a bit more luck with injuries (and minus a couple of management mistakes I made) he’d easily get this done in under 19 years! 

I might revisit this challenge at some point to see if I can get him there faster.

Not a bad 10million investment..

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11 hours ago, Tondiisk97 said:

Is it possible to ask for the tactic please

I don’t want to give you the full tactic because figuring out this stuff is half the fun I think. 

But the formation I used was a 2-1-2-3-2. 

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On 08/12/2022 at 03:20, DoneHisCruciate said:

I don’t want to give you the full tactic because figuring out this stuff is half the fun I think. 

But the formation I used was a 2-1-2-3-2. 

ok appreciate it thanks! 

Good job btw really creative on doing the challenge with assists

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