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Help Tactical Advice for International Save


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Looking for some advice...

Currently playing an international save, I'm North Korea...

I haven't won a game yet, I'm looking for advice on the best tactic going forward, any advice would be greatly appreciated, I'm about to start the Asian Championship and struggling.

Hope you can help me




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14 hours ago, Fozz_Quaker said:

Looking for some advice...

Currently playing an international save, I'm North Korea...

Wow. That’s a challenge.

Their highest valued player is <£500k, and you can see screenshots if their best ST and DC in the spoiler. I’m not surprised that you haven’t won a game yet. 


With these leagues loaded …


… here are the highest valued North Koreans


Your best ST …


… and your best DC


From a tactical perspective, I agree with the assistant’s recommendations


You either want

  • a high / direct gengenpress - taking advantage of decent work rate + stamina (lots of 12-14 attributes)
  • … or a counter attack - taking advantage of decent pace (also lots if 12-14 pace)


You’re not going to score many headers (from crosses / corners) as the teams aerial stats are really low - with only a few players with 12-14 attributes for aerial or strength.

Other suggestions:

  • If you’re new to FMM, I recommend starting with a nation with better players (to help you learn the game),
  • … otherwise expect a lot of losses while you find tactics that work for your squad …
  • … or do a ‘club + country’ where you have a (South Korean or Chinese?) club, buying + developing only North Koreans to improve your national team.

Thoughts? 🙂 

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