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Tactics 3-4-3 (partial) IF fix

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I am a die hard 4-3-3 DM man but FMM23 has disappointed me so far with the useless Inside Forward role in that formation.

I wanted my wide forwards scoring and assisting more but didn’t want to lose the defensive solidity that a 4-3-3 DM gives. I compromised on the below.

It was relaxing as I gave away almost no clear cut chances in every game.

I rushed a season with almost no effort (delegated training, holidayed pre season, just a handful of simple cheap signings, key highlights and little thought into game management). Still impressive season though.

Yes the corner routine was ridiculous but my IF alternatives racked up a decent amount of goals and assists. Daryl Dike despite a modest goal tally is wanted by Bayern. My WBs are bang average attributes but did well.

Will now try a season in the PL.











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will test  and post results. \


p.s corner exploit has changed its interesting how can this tactic does without it . 

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1 hour ago, Legend288 said:

will test  and post results. \


p.s corner exploit has changed its interesting how can this tactic does without it . 

That’s good.

it’s obviously not my preference to have my centre back in the running for golden boot!

Without Ajayi’s corner goals I’d have still been on roughly +30 goal difference.

Typical games for me played out like the below. If I was chasing a game or nil nil with ten mins to go I’d occasionally change to three central strikers and long ball. That worked about half the time.


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Seems to work okay with a mid table side too (a bit too easily turned over by bigger teams though so maybe that’s something to work on).

same again, no training, pre season or transfer market work apart from making Bednarek loan permanent.






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