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Tactics El cholo 5-5-0

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Defensive tactics seem to be punished a lot more this year while also having a high line without 2/3 Olympic level sprinters as your CBs you die from a long ball 

so as a challenge I’m going to try to win the league with the master of “how can we destroy what our opponents want to do”

Diego simeones 5-5-0C9D0942F-9342-48E7-AB20-ED2D7B28B8A3.thumb.png.bf34f1dd4078d0cdebab3594f0bfd21e.png03192BE9-EB84-4C1F-879E-9C5149D9FC0C.thumb.png.d868de03bbacdc36ebe8f908d333ae62.png35185F25-02D3-4EBD-9AF7-2CA55390BBF8.thumb.png.ac9fa694384714c59ae715daf3f672af.png

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So far after 6 games I have faced a total of 8 shots against me while I’ve not had less than 10 in a single game once one goal come it seem 2/3 goals are gonna come straight after 




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On 09/12/2022 at 07:02, Legend288 said:

dont worked for me. in premier league with totenhem. 3 w -3 L  . opponents had many chances.  with long shots city scored 6 . 

Slight tweak I’ve found works on counter switching between slow and fast also dropping 1 ss for 2 ifs and bbm an/or RPM 33DC6325-E06A-4DA9-B478-89D39440A602.thumb.png.1ae6c095a87674159a8c3346a060d6e8.png8CCF22FC-3C5F-409E-A4DC-BFBA501A65B2.thumb.png.470771e837826ec691178b0372652928.png

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2 hours ago, cvhhhgg said:

Is it on clean state!

Doesn't matter.

The setup you use by following the tactic instructions posted, will override anything that is set on tactical style.

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