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Challenges Badge of Honour #6 - Golden Boot Winner!


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This is the sixth badge in this year's 'Badges of Honour' series. The concept is explained in @Titjes awesome post <here>.

Breaking News:
Two similar ‘international management’ badges are being released at the same time - this badge and a 'World Cup Winner!' badge. You can choose to attempt both badges in one save, or in different save games. You can see the other badge <here>.

Every nation needs a 'goal getter', a star striker, the country's legend. Yet in the World Cup, only one can be top scorer - winning the Golden Boot award!

This is an ‘international management’ challenge, lasting for a half-season until the end of the 2022 World Cup. Your challenge is simple - to WIN the Golden Boot award with any player, managing any nation. Note - that player must score at least 6 goals (i.e. 6 or more) in the World Cup.

However for this challenge you do NOT need to win the World Cup (though probably you will want your goal-scorer to play as many games as possible).

This should be a fun challenge - perhaps you do it with the partner ‘World Cup Winner!’ badge, or maybe do then separately. How can you manage one player to be the top scorer in football’s ultimate competition! 

To start an ‘international management’ save, you need to either (a) unlock / achieve the ‘national hero’ challenge in-game or (b) recommended - sign up for Sports Interactive’s FM FC community - there’s a link in-game upon starting the game. It’s super easy + quick (it’s what I did). Then you can start a new save managing a nation from day one 👍 

To earn your "Golden Boot Winners!" badge, you need to - unsurprisingly - have any player in your nation win the golden boot with at least 6 goals. It is acceptable to have the joint-highest scorer.

  • Results - you should submit screenshots of all your World Cup match results + a screenshot of the competition’s top scorers.
  • Rank - the more goals scored by that individual player, the higher your position on the leaderboard.
  • Tie Breaker - if there is a tie (e.g. two Vice players have a player who scored 6 goals), then the primary tie-breaker is how many goals your player scored in the final (the more the better), then if needed the semi-final, quarter final, etc.

The same as last year - with one addition:

  •  no club mgmt - you must only manage a nation, you can NOT manage a club at any point before/during the World Cup.
  • No unlockables (inc. no editor)
  • No cheating (inc. no reloading)
  • Own formations (that also means don’t steal a tactic and change one instruction)
  • Any badge and reputation;
  • Any database (if you want to attempt this after the winter 2022/23 data update)
  • You can attempt the challenge multiple times, but only your top score will be on the leaderboard;

Note - we now know whether someone has cheated via reloading from your screenshots. We probably won't publicly shame you, so you will still be added to the leaderboard, but be warned - we will know. 

Good luck!


  1. @Rob - Kane - 12 goals (two in the final 🔥🔥)
  2. @dai - Vlahovic - 9 goals (three in the final 🔥)
  3. @Lagom - Kane - 9 goals (one in final)
  4. @Aortic - Kane - 8 goals (one in final)
  5. @Savelieff - Mbappe - 8 goals (one in final)
  6. @FuddledFox - Berghuis - 8 goals (one in final)
  7. @DoneHisCruciate - Calvert Lewin - 8 goals (none in final)
  8. <> 
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Seeing as I’ve been in the World Cup groove I’ve been trying to get the golden boot. Trickier than I imagined. International management can be like playing the injury crisis challenge!

Anyway I tried with England—we almost won the World Cup but it wouldn’t be England if they didn’t fall short in the most agonising way. (At least they didn’t crumble like Germany in the semi-final!)

But I did pick up the Golden Boot with Dominic Calvert-Lewin—8 goals. (Which was a surprise because my intention was to win it win Kane 🤪)



World Cup Matches:









(That injury to Rice probably lost us the final.)



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Bit of History..

I was just looking up former golden boot winners and came across this guy:

Oleg Salenko

He played in the 1994 World Cup for Russia. He had never scored a goal for them before the World Cup or indeed afterwards. But in that tournament he was the joint Golden Boot winner with 6 goals.

All the goals were scored in the group stage—Russia did not make it to the second round. And 5 of them were scored in one match against Cameroon.

He holds the record for the most goals scored by a single player in a world cup match. He’s also the only player to win the Golden Boot with a team eliminated in the group stage.

His entire international career for Russia is summed up by the World Cup in 1994. (His only other appearance for them was a year before. And, he also played once for the Ukraine. Total of 9 international games.)

Remarkably he had also won the Golden Boot at the 1989 Fifa Youth Championship (now called the U-20 World Cup) for the U-20 Soviet Union with 5 goals.

He’s only player to win the Golden Boot at both tournaments. (Messi has the chance to repeat that feat this year..)


Edited by DoneHisCruciate
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Got to the quarter finals trying to win with Morocco, but the Golden boot was Son Heung Min, who scored 10, including a hat trick against Spain and 4 past Brazil on their way to the semi finals. 


Might have to try with Korea next time!

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Gave this a go and got six with Kane. However, it was part of a TT with DCL and Rashford and had hoped to get all three to six. Narrowly missed out. Will give it another go later.









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So, I won the World Cup with Serbia. Its posted on the relevant badge page.

Whilst doing that, Vlahovic won the golden Boot. 👌




Scoring a hatrick in the final 😁


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