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Tactics 433 tactic with future Belgian stars


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First time posting my tactic 

I always taking teams in the lowest league whatever the country

This tactics made me champion in the série c/c with almost all very young Belgian players as you all know we have to rebuild our National Team

Rebuilded Vito Francella with almost no money, small staff and players that didn't liked me 

Took me 3 seasons but it worked

Check for players in the second teams from Belgian superleague







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Looks interesting, congratulations on the promotion.

With this being a largely English speaking site, it may be worth you showing the player roles in English language if you would like others to test the tactic out and offer feedback etc. The attack/defence instructions people will be able to work out from their placement, but the player roles are different in all languages,

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Also worked well for me are short corners... Jelle bataille gives a short corner to ganzadi who s having a good passing rate to Grosjean(TM).. Bought him from Bruges Fc... Around 30 goals this season... Big teams are following him now

 Starting new season now after promotion 

Please let me know if somebody will try this tactic




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Attacking wing backs both sides

2 central defenders

Left central midfielder is free playmaker(not the attacking playmaker) 

Central midfielder is playmaker before defence

Richt center midfielder is a box to box 

Left wing is a right footed inside cutting forward(ganzadi) 

Right wing is a  right footed winger with good crossing rate(Battaile) 

Attacker is Targetman(Grosjean) 



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22 hours ago, Vespa71 said:



Впервые пишу свою тактику 

Я всегда беру команды из низшей лиги в любой стране

Эта тактика сделала меня чемпионом в серии c/c почти со всеми очень молодыми бельгийскими игроками, поскольку вы все знаете, что нам нужно перестроить нашу национальную сборную.

Восстановил Вито Франселлу почти без денег, с небольшим штатом и игроками, которые мне не нравились. 

Мне понадобилось 3 сезона, но это сработало

Проверить наличие игроков во вторых командах бельгийской суперлиги







Is it so hard to switch to English, or put it in English beforehand, and it's not the first time on this site.

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The guy joined the site yesterday, and has been given some constructive advice on changing player roles to English, no need to keep banging the drum. 

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27 minutes ago, DutchTony said:

Apologies if this is obvious - what are the roles of the left cm and middle cm?

Left CM = Roaming Playmaker

Right CM = Box-to-Box midfielder



RW = W


ST (TS) = TF

CD (VC) = Central Defender

GK (DM) = G



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