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Tactics 4-2-2-2 No striker yes party! ogahai dominance tactic


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After trying some tactics i discovered that shadow strikers got too many chances and most of goals i concede bc of my wing backs so i created this tactic solid defence with a lot of goals.

I first tried it with Dulwich Hamlet and won PL with no year waste. (And later won CL)

I tried it with lower or bigger and it didn’t matter, i got great results.

Now i control Welsh scond league team Ynyshir Albion. After i won all competitions I attended and won the league undefeated this is my second year in Welsh Premier league. Don’t forget my team full of 17-18 years old. With better players team scores a lot and concede very low. Such as (8-0, 6-1) also i didn’t use corner exploit.

During game: After 70th minute i change players who has condition lower than 75. Very rarely If i need to score goal i changed it to overload after 85th minute and If i need not to concede i change it to contain and time wasting yes after 85th minute. Other than this never touch the tactic.

I hope you try out my tactics and give me a feedback of what your results are 

ps: i turn work permits off












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Quick test with man city.

It could be better but many players got injured,including de bruyne,rodri and foden.De bruyne scored 11 in 6 games.Will test with some lower team120501752_Screenshot_20221214-123720_FM23Mobile.thumb.jpg.33dd0ced47e3730b750a5bcca656d864.jpg

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I am glad it works for you guys too. With Ynyshir i got beaten in the quarter final by Montpellier which later won Uefa Conference League and won Welsh Premier League. Next step is winning CL

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i win premier league and euro league with man utd.


but in last of season there was many draws an 3-4 looses.  in season 2 i changed width  wide>narrow   . lets see if it works

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4 hours ago, Dekileo said:

I tried with monchengladbach it went terrible lol

Weird, I tried Monchengladbach no transfer challenge and it did good







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23 hours ago, TheWalking said:

I tried with polish league clubs and it doesn't work too good too, sometimes I'll win 2-3 games and then  series of losses

roles like BPD, RP and SS are very specific and need good players with the right attributes to get results, that's why it won't always work with mediocre / small clubs. Maybe your players are not good enough, I suggest you to train their attributes to match their roles or get a new player.

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One of the most successful tactic in the forum. Works very well with borussia dortmund, Reus and Reyna in the SS positions and Brandt,Malen , Adeyemi and Wolf in IF. Also bought Pedro Goncalves and Rafa, they are perfect for the tactic 👍




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