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Chat Movement or Positioning for IWBs?


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My understanding is that movement is more important for roles that are more active (Eg: Advanced Forwards, Roaming Playmakers, Wingers), whereas positioning is better suited for more static roles (Eg: Central Midfielder, Defensive Full Backs, Center Defender). And since IWBs have a lot of... well, movement, what with their runs and tracking back, wouldn't it make sense for IWBs to prioritize movement over positioning? I know the player search template uses positioning, but to me it doesn't make sense.

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6 minutes ago, hhooo said:

Wingbacks and central midfielders use both, since they contribute to attack and defense.

Exactly. Positioning is important for IWBs (and WBs!) defensively … and movement is important for them offensively. 

Also I assume movement is more important for IWBs in the DM R/L position as they move so much further forward into the AMRC/AMLC positions next to an AMC … while I assume movement is slightly less important for IWBs in the D R/L positions as they don’t move as far forward, usually into a DMRC/ DMLC position next to a DMC.

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3 hours ago, DanEnglish said:


Basically what Dan said - the further up the pitch a player is the more attacking you're likely to want them to be and 'movement' is what determines how good they are with regards to attacking positioning (its attacking movement, ie. do they move into space or not, are they intelligent enough to not end up near their team-mate and instead draw a defender away etc.), defensive positioning is down to positioning so it largely depends on the role you're after for them ..  but as a rule of thumb if you're using them in more forward positions movement is more important I'd expect.

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