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Help Newly promoted player ratings??

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So I have just been promoted and the transfer market there is absolutely no one I can bring in remotely close to my players levels. The problem is that the game believes my players levels are pretty shoddy? How can I improve this is I can't actually find better? (Obviously some exceptions that are already at Europe's elite I can't afford) do i trust the attributes or do I trust the star ratings of the much worse players being offered? I only take professional determined team players btw and they play like Thier star ratings not their abilities it seems.











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star ratings are affected by form and the division you are playing in 

so a 5 star player in the championship might not necessarily be a 5 star player in the premier League 

similarly if your team has been performing poorly your star ratings might take a hit

trust the attributes of your players over the star ratings

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I don’t totally trust the star ratings but they do factor into my thinking.

If someone has good attributes for a position but they scout poorly I then look at what personality traits they have. If there’s good ones then I tend to take a punt on them especially if they’re young and I can mentor them.

(Although if they have poor technique/pace/stamina it would depend on who else is available.)

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