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  • You didn’t show us the main match screen - which Barcelona player scored, and in what minute?
  • Also you didn’t show us the opposition formation - I guess it was Barcelona’s normal 41221 with one or two APs / RPs in midfield?
  • Also you didn’t say how they scored their goal? A long shot, a header from a wide free kick, or a through ball behind your defense?!

How did THEY score?!

  • Pace - both your DCs are a little slow (Dunk + Van Hecke). If Barcelona played speedy Fati up-front, then a long ball over the top or a through ball behind the defence would give them a CCC / one-on-one with your keeper.
  • DMC - your formation has no DMC. If one of their MCs (in an AP / RP role?) gets the ball in front of your two DCs, often a DC will push up / close down that player, leaving space behind them for the opposition midfielder to play a through ball into their speedy striker.
  • Set Pieces - did they score from a free kick? If yes, perhaps you can optimize your set pieces setup 🙂 

Why Didn’t YOU Score?

  • Chances - 21 shots but only 2 CCC suggests 90% of your shots were poorer quality chances. Especially with ‘shoot on sight’ turned on, perhaps many were long shots off target / blocked / straight at the keeper?!
  • Crossing - with 19 crosses, but only 1 successful cross, it seems this was wasteful. How many of these were from your right WB? And perhaps your Endrick’s aerial + strength isn’t better than the oppositions DCs?!
  • Shooting - you have good players, but is it right they’re not great finishers (yet)? Do any of your front 3 (or midfield 3) have 17-18 for shooting + decisions? Probably not. So you must expect they’ll waste chances.
  • IFs - do you watch the extended highlights of this game? Do the IFs do what you want them to do? If not, maybe change the role of one of them 🙂 to be more clinical / attacking / in the box.

Hope this helps 🙂 

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