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Chat Maximum price selling bug fixed?


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I was wondering if anybody else had noticed the closing of this loophole? You used to be able to sell players for £225m not matter their worth simpy by suggesting that value, closing, saving and reloading then opening the bid and accepting at £225m. I used to use it all the time when testing tactics and players (too tight to pay for the editor). It was a pretty open secret for a few versions - anybody know if it's been closed completely?

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I have used this method alot in my Worthing save in the 6th tier of English football and now I have over £5 billion in the bank 😂. Offer out your players for loan, when offers come in change it to transfers and make the value £225 million and then click close. Then click respond again and it would've gone back to the original loan offer then change the loan offer to an affiliate club and then click accept. It should then say transfer offer accepted and then you can sell them for £225 million to the club that offered for them first. It doesn't always work but it has done alot.

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