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hi guys, sorry for my english. I don't think I fully experience this game, I've been playing for a couple of years now but I promptly see the tactics and who to buy on this forum. can someone kindly give me a hand even simply by sending me to old threads. how to create a tactic, how to understand if a player can grow or not and above all how to understand who to buy. 

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15 hours ago, FedeQuinta said:

and above all how to understand who to buy. 

This is the crux imo. Something so simple yet easily overlooked, even by myself when rushing thru challenges / seasons.

For example..

  • Playing on the counter - get pacey forwards
  • Playing control - look at high passing skill all over the pitch
  • Going expressive freedom - aim for high creativity att.minded players
  • Closing down all over - get as many green stamina players as you can
  • Committed tackling - speaks for itself
  • High Offside line - good positioning and decisions defenders
  • Focus on crosses - flank players with good crossing skill and good aerial forwards
  • Etc

This from the top of my head but there's loads more. Basically, get the players that fit your needs. There's a (somewhat outdated) tactics guide with player role attributes to look out for here but it needs an update since there have been new/added player roles. Still, it might give you an insight or new ideas when hopping into the players market.

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