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Hello Vibe, it's me.


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Hi old and young, I have returned. BG is BACK!

I'm not really one for saying hello or introductions, but I've been away for quite some time and in a way I feel bad having gone quiet for too long. Perhaps for others not long enough, but I have truly missed my friends on Vibe.

Reason for my absence, busy with work and dealing with personal matters. Been FMM'ed out big time due to these among others but things can only get better from here onwards. 

A little more info about me for the newer members among you.. some of my better nicknames to both friends and enemies ring:

  • King of FMM
  • Master of Tactics
  • Vibe's Most Popular Person
  • Brilliant BatiGol
  • Sir BatiGod
  • BG the Bottler

Looking forward to reading the challenges and careers from you all. Cheers lads!

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1 hour ago, Rob said:

Wasn’t your main nickname ‘@PriZe’s understudy’? 😉

Lovely to have you back!

I'm both his senior as well as the much more proven and successful manager. 

My FMM itch is growing by the minute with such comments.


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The Legend, The Myth has returned to show us all how its really done. 🤣

Glad to have you back mate....it's been a tad quiet without you 😉

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4 hours ago, Ashez said:


For those with signs of dementia, here's the complete list..

  • Sam's Superior Twin
  • The 8-striker sod
  • BG45
  • The Bat Killer
  • The Dutch Dreamer
  • King of FMM
  • Master Tactician
  • Vibe's True VIP
  • Brilliant BatiGoal
  • Sir BatiGod
  • BG no longer the Bottler
  • People's Champion

There you go.

Edited by BatiGoal
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4 hours ago, Ashez said:

I suppose this will be the only thread you'll stick around to post like usual 😛

I'm spreading the BG love this time 😉

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